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But I like them how they are.
Tue Jan 10, 2017 21:21

Amelle watched Alfie settle himself in the chair and a look of concern fell across her features as she watched him. She would be ashamed to admit it but when he began to talk to her, her mind immediately jumped to the conclusion that he had gotten the wrong individual pregnant and now he didn’t know what to do about it. But, after a moment of reflection, she realized how silly of a thing that would be for Alfie to come to her for. But she supposed her idea of him being a playboy was influencing her current train of thought so she let it drop and waiting it out to figure out what it was that Alfie was trying to tell her.

What he actually requested of her, however, was not anything at all like she thought it would be. He wanted her to tell Isis to leave him alone? What in the world? Couldn’t he just say that to him herself? They were all adults after all and Amelle thought that Isis would respect his wishes at least a little bit and give him some space (especially since some of her time was now being spent with the Herbology Professor). Maybe Alfie just didn’t know how to politely turn women away? Or he was afraid Isis would have an emotional reaction and he wouldn’t know how to handle that? She could actually see that as being the reason why Alfie needed someone else to do the work for him.

As he continued, Amelle only became more confused. Why would the Auror Department allow for a citizen (as he pointed as the rest of them were and thus, technically he was as well) to actually work on an active case file whether he previously worked it or not? That made absolutely no sense. She wanted to call him out on his bullsh*t but since he was trying to work up the nerve to figure his own issue out, she kept her mouth closed. It didn’t ultimately matter whether he was doing this ‘job’ for his former employer or if he was doing a ‘job’ for himself, he needed time to figure it out and Isis was apparently complicating the matter. Amelle wasn’t exactly sure why her safety or the safety of Isis was called into question and she had to pause and think just how deep Alfie had dug himself where that was a worry of his.

Her eyes widened suddenly when he mentioned leaving. The friend in her wanted to jump up and shout that he couldn’t leave them, but the professional part of her remained quiet; however difficult that was for her. She knew how much his Auror career meant to him and that eventually he would attempt to go back to that, but she just wasn’t expecting that time to be anywhere in the near future.

She remained silent and thoughtful for a moment after he finished speaking. She wanted to hug him and tell him it would be okay, but she didn’t think he’d appreciate it enough to consider that the advice that he was looking for. “I appreciate you coming to me for help, Alfie, and I love you dearly, but you don’t have to lie about what it is you’re doing.” She said this quietly but not at all accusatory. “I won’t ask you what you are really doing, but I hope you are keeping yourself safe.” She left it at that. It killed her not knowing the truth and knowing even if she did know it that she most likely wouldn’t be able to help him with it, but she was never the sort to push people into telling her things they weren’t willing to tell in the first place.

“I don’t mind saying something to Isis, but I cannot guarantee that she’ll listen to me about it. She’s a complicated woman and you know her far better than I.” Amelle stated with a small smile. She reached out and placed a comforting hand on his arm. “If whatever you are doing is so dangerous, maybe you should get out while you can? You’re suffering and pushing others away because of it. That’s heartbreaking for us to see.”

  • Alfie smiled warmly when Amelle asked him to sit. He moved around the desk and pulled a chair up close. Leaning forward, Alfie rested his forearms on his knees and clasped his hands almost as if in... more
    • But I like them how they are. — Amelle, Tue Jan 10 21:21
      • Alfie let the quiet after Amelle finished speaking hang in the air for a bit. A long time ago he wouldn't have liked the quiet, but now after all these years he found that he rather enjoyed it. Alfie ... more
        • I watch the ripples change their sizeAmelle, Wed Jan 18 16:06
          Amelle knew that Alfie and Isis were two very private people who didn’t tell her much of anything regarding their personal lives. Amelle took it as it was and never pushed it. It also meant that she... more
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