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T-t-time may change me. But I can't trace time.
Wed Jan 18, 2017 01:42

Alfie let the quiet after Amelle finished speaking hang in the air for a bit. A long time ago he wouldn't have liked the quiet, but now after all these years he found that he rather enjoyed it. Alfie felt like an old man of ninety instead of a young thirty. Had his family really aged him so much? Amelle did make sense, he knew they cared for him just as he knew that he couldn't let them know what was going on. It would be unsafe. For them, or for him? He wasn't really sure. Perhaps on some level he was more afraid of the closeness sharing such a burden would bring about than he was afraid that somehow someone would find out that he confided in a coworker.

"It's too late to get out now," Alfie finally said quietly, afraid now to look Amelle in the eye. "I was born into it. And I can't tell family..." he trailed off as he tried to find a good way to phrase it. "My previous job as an auror is already a touchy subject, if I tell her about my family now? I come from a terribly corrupt, white collar family, my father, my grandfather, they're..." Alfie had never admitted it out-loud before to another person who wasn't Do and now that he found he was about to, he wasn't sure if he could and his voice died off before he could finish his thought.

"Anyway, I'm keeping myself as safe as is possible, and I'll try not to push you guys away--" this might be my last chance to be with some of you he thought "--but I do need a little bit of space to...figure all this out, prepare for the auror test, do something with my life other than teach because even though I like it now, teaching isn't my dream. I want to be out there, doing things, helping people, it's all I've ever wanted and then my father, my father..."

The first time he said it, he sounded spiteful but when he repeated it only seconds late he was resigned. "He interfered because no son of his was going to be on the auror force, especially not his first born, but it won't matter soon." He was rambling now and he stood up to go, aware that he was simultaneously sharing too much while also holding back enough for none of it to make much sense at all. "I'll see you at dinner, and maybe we can go out this weekend, like old times?"

OOC: Sorry for the wait! And sorry that it's also so short!

  • But I like them how they are.Amelle, Tue Jan 10 21:21
    Amelle watched Alfie settle himself in the chair and a look of concern fell across her features as she watched him. She would be ashamed to admit it but when he began to talk to her, her mind... more
    • T-t-time may change me. But I can't trace time. — Alfie, Wed Jan 18 01:42
      • I watch the ripples change their sizeAmelle, Wed Jan 18 16:06
        Amelle knew that Alfie and Isis were two very private people who didnít tell her much of anything regarding their personal lives. Amelle took it as it was and never pushed it. It also meant that she... more
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