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I watch the ripples change their size
Wed Jan 18, 2017 16:06

Amelle knew that Alfie and Isis were two very private people who didnít tell her much of anything regarding their personal lives. Amelle took it as it was and never pushed it. It also meant that she didnít confide much to them either as she did not feel comfortable sharing herself when someone wasnít comfortable sharing back on the same personal level. Things shifted between her and Isis last summer when her friend came to her to spill some of her history about her mother to her. Amelle hadnít really known what to say then and now that Alfie was opening up to her, she didnít know what to say now.

She knew this was terribly difficult for Alfie to say, so she remained quiet while he tried to find the words to explain how he felt about everything. Amelle knew very little about the Pyes (or any European family that was not from Sicily) but the more Alfie spoke, she realized just how conflicted he was over them. His family was what was tormenting him. She felt a painful throb in her chest as she listened to him. How would she have felt if she found out her father was not a good man? Or her extended family? Devastated.

By the sounds of it, Alfie was working on a way to stop his family. She didnít know what that meant. It could mean so many things. Throwing him to the court to be sentenced to Azkaban or maybe even death. Amelle didnít want to think that her sweet and charming Alfie would ever plot to murder someone, let alone his father (even if the man maybe deserved it). The painful throb hit her again when she realized that whatever it was that he was doing would be the end of Alfie as he spoke about exams and the dangers he was in. He could quite possibly disappear from her life altogether. She hoped that wasnít the case. She hoped he kept a part of himself, the part that she and Isis knew and loved, through all of this and remained their friend even if it was only at armís length.

Amelle wanted to cry. She wanted to allow herself that one moment of weakness because it was clear that Alfie would not allow it for himself. But she was at her place of work and there were some students in the library that would keep her from doing so. Maybe, later, when she was in her quarters, she would remember this ache again and the tears could fall freely then.

ďOf course.Ē Amelle said quietly, giving him as much of a smile as she could to show him that she supported him. ďAndÖ Iíll talk to Isis. Iíll have her give you some space.Ē She added. She didnít know what she was going to say to Isis to make this happen, but it was clear that Alfie had too much on his plate and Isis was only making that anxiety worse for him.

  • Alfie let the quiet after Amelle finished speaking hang in the air for a bit. A long time ago he wouldn't have liked the quiet, but now after all these years he found that he rather enjoyed it. Alfie ... more
    • I watch the ripples change their size — Amelle, Wed Jan 18 16:06
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