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John Umland
Being nosy.
Mon Apr 24, 2017 19:22

It was, John thought absently, typical. He had managed to scrape together a Quidditch team, and that was precisely why he now had a headache. No matter how he arranged them, he found disadvantages of various kinds, and that was even before he occasionally remembered that he did have some responsibility for the mess with Jack and Louis and could not just tell them to cross wands at twenty paces to settle it between themselves.

Finally, exhausted, he decided he had to go out. He preferred being alone now, with his door locked firmly behind him and with a number of additional enchantments of his own laid upon it to make absolutely sure no-one could possibly reach him, but he didn’t have a clean beaker in his room and therefore would have to go to the Cascade Hall if he was to have any tea and thus any relief. He had had to switch teas because even the thin American excuse for breakfast tea reminded him too much of home, but had finally found an adequate enough substitute in a blend of Ceylon and Assam, breakfast tea (he thought uncharitably) for those too pretentious to appreciate a proper sturdy Kenyan

He was nearly out of the stacks when some small movement, a man picking up a teacup, at the front desk caught his attention and made him withdraw quickly to assess the situation before he proceeded any further. He had noticed that the library looked a bit different and had heard that its usual keeper was away, but he had not actually seen the new adult allegedly inhabiting his home yet. Now he did. John looked him over as best as he could between a few historical surveys and concluded that he looked insufficiently threatening to warrant a further retreat. Accordingly, John emerged and glanced at the bulletin board out of sheer habit, where he saw what looked like the sign-up sheet.

He walked over toward it, glancing rapidly back and forth between it and the stranger, and skimmed familiar information until he found a name on the bottom of the sheet. He scrawled his name and his old Monitor title on it, then turned back toward the desk and the stranger, who he presumed was the Hyphenated One responsible for this year’s list.

“Hello,” he said. “Do you - ah - are you...relatedto...anyone - someone named Charles? With your same - name? Assuming you're the librarian now?”

  • Library helper sign ups (if I must)Librarian Fox-Reynolds, Sat Apr 1 02:16
    The library had a strong air of the uncanny. It was familiar enough, having been his place of employment and home for a number of years, to be truly unsettling in its small and subtle differences.... more
    • Being nosy. — John Umland, Mon Apr 24 19:22
      • The feeling is mutualLibrarian Fox-Reynolds, Thu Jun 8 09:33
        Tarquin hurriedly buried his nose back in his book as the student turned away from the sign up sheet, trying not to get caught staring. It was ridiculous anyway, he could neither read the boy’s name... more
        • John also brightened considerably when his suspicions about New Guy were near-confirmed. The question posed to him in turn only slowed him down for a moment. “My name? Oh, yes. It’s John. I’m John... more
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