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Librarian Fox-Reynolds
The feeling is mutual
Thu Jun 8, 2017 09:33

Tarquin hurriedly buried his nose back in his book as the student turned away from the sign up sheet, trying not to get caught staring. It was ridiculous anyway, he could neither read the boy’s name from here nor do anything to stop him signing up. A slightly ridiculous vision of himself seeing the word ‘Pecari’ beginning to form, and throwing himself in front of the sign up sheet, taking a quill to the heart, danced through his head. He tried to squint surreptitiously at the board but it really was useless, as only ‘Teppenpaw’ was a dramatic outlier in terms of name length, so he really couldn’t tell from here, plus the boy seemed to be trying to watch him.

This latter theory was confirmed when the boy came over and asked him about someone named Charles. This was a less alarming question than Are you staring at me? and invited Tarquin to talk about one of his preferred subjects, so he considerably brightened, hoping that this common association was going to be a positive, and that the boy had not had some kind of issue with his son.

“Yes - yes, I am. Uh, both. Both the librarian and related. Charlie is my son,” he smiled. Technically the boy was inaccurate, as he and Charlie only partially shared a surname - well, his surname was two thirds of Charlie’s, but one-hundred percent of his name was contained within it… So, he supposed he shared a surname with Charlie, but Charlie didn’t quite with him? The fractions of it were too confusing to make a quick, witty statement, so he let it be. “But I’m at a disadvantage,” he added, eyes sliding again to the notice board, “You know my name, but I don’t know yours…”

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    • The feeling is mutual — Librarian Fox-Reynolds, Thu Jun 8 09:33
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