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In theory, that should work well for both of us.
Thu Jun 8, 2017 17:05

John also brightened considerably when his suspicions about New Guy were near-confirmed. The question posed to him in turn only slowed him down for a moment. “My name? Oh, yes. It’s John. I’m John Umland – my sister Julian, you might have heard of her, he was friends with her….”

Abruptly, John’s smile dropped as his brain caught up with his ears and he processed the words my sister Julian. For one thing, it reminded him that they were currently on poor terms, and for another, he was not sure it had actually been wise to point out the possible connection between their two households. He had never had the habit of monitoring Julian’s correspondence with others and didn’t have the means to do so now, so it was quite possible the man had heard less than flattering things about Julian’s brother John in the recent past. Julian would have complained to someone, if not in exact terms because of the tricky legal circumstances of their situation, and it could have as easily been Charlie as William or Lenore or their priest or anyone else who happened to pop into his sister’s head as a good candidate for venting to. He hoped she’d been prudent enough to keep it in the family, rant about him to Stephen at the worst, but….

Too late to think of that now, though. “Anyway. I’m the next brother, and the one after me – our brother Joe, he’s here, too. He’s a fourth year in Teppenpaw. Doesn’t look anything like me or Julian, though – blond hair.”

  • The feeling is mutualLibrarian Fox-Reynolds, Thu Jun 8 09:33
    Tarquin hurriedly buried his nose back in his book as the student turned away from the sign up sheet, trying not to get caught staring. It was ridiculous anyway, he could neither read the boy’s name... more
    • In theory, that should work well for both of us. — John, Thu Jun 8 17:05
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