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Parker Fitzgerald
I don't normally read, but...
Sat Sep 2, 2017 02:46

Parker had found himself wandering the halls of the school. He told himself that if anyone stopped him he would say it was so he could find his classes, but really, he just wanted to explore.

As he walked along the halls he kept running into interesting weird things.

He walked down a hall to find the hospital wing and some stairs with something carved in it. He thought he heard steps coming down the stairs so he turned around and headed another direction.

He had passed a few different portraits of people who moved. One of them, a gentleman who looked like a cross between a British lord and a cowboy had taken off his hat and bowed. This had caused Parker to turn around thinking there might be someone else around. When he realized there wasn't, Parker merely bowed back to the portrait and continued walking down the halls.
Moving portraits. How wild.

At one point he came upon a painting...or picture of what looked like a zombie, when he went up to examine it the picture moved and he ran down the hall in the opposite direction. He wasn't sure if the creature could come out of the painting or not, but he wasn't taking a chance.

At last he stumbled upon the library. He hadn't been a reader like his friend who always carried a book with her back home, but he had found books useful from time to time. As long as the chapters were short enough that he could stand up and do something inbetween them, or they taught him a bit about plants, animals, or native myths he felt he could read.

Parker began to wander the aisles randomly picking up books and putting them back, not really paying attention to what was in his hands, merely touching them and feeling their textures was interesting enough.

As Parker picked up a book that had a picture of a wizard riding a horse, he remembered his past conversation with Jasmine and his face went a bit red. He tried to remember the type of horse she described as big as dumbo.. Abrax maybe?

Parker decided that maybe he needed help so he turned around to find someone who might know where the computer catalog was where he could look up book topics.

In mid-stride down the aisle he stopped.

They don't have computers do they. How do I figure out where to find a book if I need one.

"God damnit" he said out loud, then looked up to see if there was anyone around who heard him.

    • Me neitherJennifer White, Tue Sep 26 14:24
      As term drew on a bit, homework assignments started to be handed out, and Jen found herself needing to frequent the library. As an Aladren she was inevitably more than most students in other Houses... more
      • Sorry 'bout thatParker Fitzgerald, Wed Sep 27 03:54
        Parker turned towards the voice. His converse shoes squeaking on the floor. The girl was sitting with a text book in front of her and looked a bit like the skaters at his old muggle school. Parker... more
        • Apology acceptedJen White, Tue Oct 3 15:05
          The other student was a first year Jen hadnít spoken to yet (she hadnít spoken to most of the first years, actually, because she wasnít exactly the most social butterfly in the desert, and this kid... more
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