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Jennifer White
Me neither
Tue Sep 26, 2017 14:24

As term drew on a bit, homework assignments started to be handed out, and Jen found herself needing to frequent the library. As an Aladren she was inevitably more than most students in other Houses anyway, but she wasn’t exactly a keen reader. She liked to keep up with her studies, but she didn’t need to be top of the class. She’s prefer listening to music over reading a book any day. In fact lots of things were preferable to books: skateboarding, doodling with ink on her fingernails, even riding a broomstick was starting to be fun. None of those things were likely to help her with charms homework, though. So, to the library it was.

As always, Jen was wearing wide-legged jeans with torn hems that scuffed across the floor, but it was warm inside today, in her opinion, so she’d stuffed a black hoodie into her bag just in case, but her skinny arms were bare beyond the sleeves of her black t-shirt with a white motif of a sugar skull on the front, and the couple of black-and-pink plastic beaded bracelets on her wrists. Her short, mousy brown hair was loose as usual, and Jen readjusted the black, rectangular frames of her glasses as she peered at the titles emblazoned on the spines of the myriad books lining the shelves.

The assignment was broad, about using charms to alter physical characteristics of items for use in hobbies or recreation, and Jen wasn’t sure where to start. There were obviously several sports that both employed, and inhibited the use of, a variety of charms within their rules, and several other, inherently non-magical pastimes that witches and wizards still might improve upon with a handy charm here and there. Basically her plan was to find something relevant in a textbook as a starting point, and progress from there.

She hadn’t gotten very far, however, when another student strode down the aisle and then uttered a mild oath as he stopped. Jen regarded him with her eyebrows raised, in an expression of polite interest that perhaps invited the stranger to explain himself. The words that exited her mouth were not entirely incongruent. “You alright?” she asked, with the tone of someone who suspected he might not, in fact, be alright, but that it might not be her problem to fix.

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    • Me neither — Jennifer White, Tue Sep 26 14:24
      • Sorry 'bout thatParker Fitzgerald, Wed Sep 27 03:54
        Parker turned towards the voice. His converse shoes squeaking on the floor. The girl was sitting with a text book in front of her and looked a bit like the skaters at his old muggle school. Parker... more
        • Apology acceptedJen White, Tue Oct 3 15:05
          The other student was a first year Jen hadn’t spoken to yet (she hadn’t spoken to most of the first years, actually, because she wasn’t exactly the most social butterfly in the desert, and this kid... more
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