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Parker Fitzgerald
Sorry 'bout that
Wed Sep 27, 2017 03:54

Parker turned towards the voice. His converse shoes squeaking on the floor. The girl was sitting with a text book in front of her and looked a bit like the skaters at his old muggle school. Parker wondered briefly if people skateboarded in the wizarding world.

"Umm..." Parker thought a minute about whether to tell her the truth, and then decided what the hell. "I just realized this library probably doesn't have a computer to search on where to find a book, and I honestly don't know how to search for a book. Though I'm also not sure how much I want to find any books at the moment. I'm kind of meandering."

Parker was conscious that she probably didn't care for that much information, but in the end he might as well say it all. Looking at her though, she seemed familiar.

"I'm sorry, are we in the same Potions class?" he asked, genuinely interested, as he was still trying to figure out who was in what class and also, how to make friends at this school.

  • Me neitherJennifer White, Tue Sep 26 14:24
    As term drew on a bit, homework assignments started to be handed out, and Jen found herself needing to frequent the library. As an Aladren she was inevitably more than most students in other Houses... more
    • Sorry 'bout that — Parker Fitzgerald, Wed Sep 27 03:54
      • Apology acceptedJen White, Tue Oct 3 15:05
        The other student was a first year Jen hadnít spoken to yet (she hadnít spoken to most of the first years, actually, because she wasnít exactly the most social butterfly in the desert, and this kid... more
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