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Jen White
Apology accepted
Tue Oct 3, 2017 15:05

The other student was a first year Jen hadn’t spoken to yet (she hadn’t spoken to most of the first years, actually, because she wasn’t exactly the most social butterfly in the desert, and this kid was included in that majority). He was wearing converse which earned him a check in the right column. Anyone who said you shouldn’t judge people by appearances clearly had never been a teenager free to choose their own clothes. Besides, she was doing him a solid by judging him by his clothes, because the words falling out of his mouth were a sure way to get checks in the other column: the one that meant Jen would need to avoid him in future.

“Okay chill out,” she suggested first, holding up her hands as a barrier to his fast stream of sounds. Then before she’d had chance to consider his multi-faceted query, he subjected another. This was at least more simple to answer, but Jen wasn’t counting that as a positive quality. She put two long-fingered hands on a set of bony hips and surveyed him with hazel eyes. “Yes, we’re in potions together,” she assumed. “We will have all our classes together, because you are in first year and I am in second year and that’s kinda how we roll here,” she elaborated, sounding a little bored, but not too sardonic as he was new here. Maybe he hadn’t got the hang of everything yet.

“I’m Jen,” she said, smiling a bit. She wasn’t anti-social, she just didn’t need to be friends with everyone. Life was too short for losers. “Yeah the no tech element of magic school can take some getting used to,” she nodded once in empathy. “The books are laid out in reasonably logical sections,” she lingered on the word ‘reasonably’ to indicate sometimes you found a book more by luck than judgement, “so getting to know the layout is a good start. You can always ask the older students or the librarian, but heads up, he is a little ….” Jen hesitated, unsure how to phrase an adequate description of Mr Fox-Reynolds. “Archaic,” she landed on with some victory. “In a creepy way.” It was worth the clarification.

  • Sorry 'bout thatParker Fitzgerald, Wed Sep 27 03:54
    Parker turned towards the voice. His converse shoes squeaking on the floor. The girl was sitting with a text book in front of her and looked a bit like the skaters at his old muggle school. Parker... more
    • Apology accepted — Jen White, Tue Oct 3 15:05
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