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Club of Tongues (tag Tatya)
Wed Oct 25, 2017 06:12

Dorian finished transliterating what Tatya had just said and dotted a neat fullstop at the end of the phrase ‘schastlivogo Rozhdestva.’ Above it, the sentence was written in Tatya’s neat Cyrillic. He would compare this to his alphabet chart later, practising recognising the letters and sounding them out.

“For French, is simply mean Merry Christmas,” he explained, as he added ‘Joyeux Noël’ to everyone’s books, “But for Chinese, be happy for the birth of the saint,” he explained, writing out ‘Shčngdŕn jié kuŕilč’ along with the proper Chinese characters, pointing out the parts that were made up of characters they might recognise from other contexts, especially the radicals - the building block characters which occurred again and again.

“Do Russian celebrate the New Year at this time as well?” he asked Tatya. Culturally, Russia seemed quite Western (although he would never dare voice this thought to Tatya), and he suspected that her part of it most definitely was. But it was so big, and had borders with China. Perhaps they had different new years in different parts of the country. “Chinese have phrase for this Happy New Year, but it is very literal. At our own new year, we wish congratulation and prosperity. But you must wait until February for me to tell you how,” he added with a smile. Once the Christmas greetings were exchanged, he pondered what else he would like to learn at this meeting of the Club of Tongues.

“Tatya?” he asked, as something else he might need for the holidays occurred to him. “Can you teach me some ways to make insult in Russian? It does not have to be the rude words,” he added hastily, not sure what her feelings on cursing were, “It can be silly thing, like ‘you have the monkey face.’ Meathead will always be more strong than me, but I am smarter. I can learn to insult him in every language of the world.” His friends were, by now, familiar with Dorian’s nickname for his brother, and the fact that said brother was broadly an unpleasant person. He had painted it in slightly different ways to different people. Jehan knew the most, in that he knew the reasons why Matthieu picked on Dorian. He had felt safe disclosing these to Jehan, because they were elements that were reflected in Jehan’s own personality and interests too. He had also mentioned how Matthieu could be a bit rough, and played Beater for his house - euphemisms which he suspected Jehan had seen through with ease. With Tatya, he had been less keen to draw attention to his perceived failings, and had presented it more along the line of simple sibling scraps, and them just not getting on, the way brothers don’t sometimes.

OOC - godmodding permission acquired from Tatya. Although this is addressed to her, it can be assumed that Jehan is also present.

    • Better than a club over the head, anyway.Tatiana, Wed Oct 25 20:25
      Be happy for the birth of the saint. Tatiana paused a moment over the last word, which she had rarely heard in English, before associating it with svyatoi and remembering another very important... more
      • Which I might get for using theseDorian, Wed Nov 1 04:53
        “Perhaps for Christmas, I get the calendar. And then, when we come back, you can add the Russian calendars too,” Dorian smiled. He couldn’t quite picture when all the festivities Tatiana mentioned... more
        • Have you considered taking up sprinting?Tatiana, Wed Nov 1 10:37
          “Will I,” said Tatiana to the suggestion of putting together calendars, though she suspected the Russian calendar was going to be easier to understand than the Chinese one for reasons other than... more
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