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Which I might get for using these
Wed Nov 1, 2017 04:53

“Perhaps for Christmas, I get the calendar. And then, when we come back, you can add the Russian calendars too,” Dorian smiled. He couldn’t quite picture when all the festivities Tatiana mentioned would be, but he well understood the idea of different calendars. “To show me how the date is different, and for when we celebrate Tatiana Day.” Their twelfth of January, he thought she had said. And he would need to make sure that there was a cake for her. He would have to ask Professor Xavier about whether they were allowed to ask the elves for such things for special occasions. Or perhaps he could arrange a cake-by-owl delivery….

He began to write down Tatiana’s stream of abuse, occasionally asking her for repetitions and clarifications. He wasn’t sure that literally translating ‘meat head’ would make much sense, but as he planned to insult someone who didn’t speak a word of Russian, it didn’t really matter. Where French was not an option, Dorian usually had a back up option, but on this occasion, he found himself limited.

“Hmm, I cannot really help with give you Chinese insult…. I not know so many because only my mother to ask at home and she does not tell us these. When Émilie is not get up or not study the best, mother is call her lǎn dàn. Is mean ‘lazy egg,’ but it is not the very bad one - it is the… the loving insult? I see some cousin when we go to China, and they tell me I can call Matthieu èr bǎi wŭ for meaning that he stupid, but I don’t know if this is for real or they make a joke on me instead. It mean literal ‘two hundred and fifty,’ which does not sound like the insult, but Chinese can be very…” he searched in vain for the word ‘abstract’ and communicated instead with a twirl of his hand. “Matthieu learn a word from them and call me, and won’t tell me the meaning. When I ask my mother, she go very pale and then shout at him for a long time. So probably that one is really bad. At least for English, now you know the new one ‘Meat Head.’ Though I think none of your sibling are this bad. None of them behave like caveman.”

  • Better than a club over the head, anyway.Tatiana, Wed Oct 25 20:25
    Be happy for the birth of the saint. Tatiana paused a moment over the last word, which she had rarely heard in English, before associating it with svyatoi and remembering another very important... more
    • Which I might get for using these — Dorian, Wed Nov 1 04:53
      • Have you considered taking up sprinting?Tatiana, Wed Nov 1 10:37
        “Will I,” said Tatiana to the suggestion of putting together calendars, though she suspected the Russian calendar was going to be easier to understand than the Chinese one for reasons other than... more
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