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Have you considered taking up sprinting?
Wed Nov 1, 2017 10:37

“Will I,” said Tatiana to the suggestion of putting together calendars, though she suspected the Russian calendar was going to be easier to understand than the Chinese one for reasons other than partiality. The months, after all, were the same, just in different languages – the only thing was that the west had for some reason decided to mark when things began and ended on a different day than was traditional, and as a result, they just got to party for nearly a solid month as people accommodated multiple dates.

Tatiana had heard people talk about ‘the west’ and ‘the east,’ and those were concepts she understood well enough. She did not include her own land and culture in either of those areas. They were Russian – that was all. As Russia alone was a sixth of the planet, she was not entirely sure why they should not be their own part of the world – the North, perhaps. Russia was north of China, and Alaska north of America, and once, she was told, they had owned most of Scandinavia too, and even in the Muggle city she had had to visit with Papa to try to sort out the business about names and registrations, there had been things that were familiar: the shape of a roof here, someone who didn’t bat an eye at their names there. They had even found an old priest who spoke Russian and had helped them figure out where, exactly, they were and how it related to where they were supposed to go. Russia was itself, not quite anything else, she thought, and she didn’t see why it ought to be.

The East, though, apparently could top them for odd insults, at least if Dorya’s cousins were not pulling a joke on him. Two hundred and fifty? Why would that be an insult? The twirling hand gesture made her smile, as she often felt like describing some concept the same way, and she nodded to show she comprehended – if only that he couldn’t quite describe what he meant.

“Na,” she agreed when he said none of her siblings were so bad as this Matthieu character. “Good brothers, good sisters. I….” She didn’t know the word for to miss, or couldn’t remember it offhand. “I want brothers and sisters with me,” said Tatiana instead, figuring that would express the same sentiment. “Most timy – ah, times!” She made a face, annoyed with the letter ‘s’ all over again for reasons other than its redundancy. She could not quite shake the habit of pluralizing things with ‘-y’ instead of ‘-s’ even when otherwise using the English word. “You have – letters that you need not in French, Chinese?” she asked, unconsciously assuming Dorian had both picked up on the fact that she asked questions by inflection rather than adding extra words when she wasn’t concentrating and that he remembered the times she had complained about how the letter ‘s’ and the multiple functions of the English letter ‘c’ were pointless when explaining Cyrillic.

  • Which I might get for using theseDorian, Wed Nov 1 04:53
    “Perhaps for Christmas, I get the calendar. And then, when we come back, you can add the Russian calendars too,” Dorian smiled. He couldn’t quite picture when all the festivities Tatiana mentioned... more
    • Have you considered taking up sprinting? — Tatiana, Wed Nov 1 10:37
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