Parker Fitzgerald - Pecari
The books are closing in
Thu Dec 7, 2017 12:36

Claustrophobia was what Parker always thought of when he came into the library now. Though he liked the smell of the books, and he enjoyed running his hands over their spines, the library shelves always felt so close together, and the ceiling didnít have a wide open feeling like Cascade Hall.

Taking a deep breath though he plunged into the Library. He felt that if he was going to begin to make the map of the Labyrinth he needed to first understand what was in it, and he was sure there had to be some book somewhere about it. After all, there seemed to be a book on everything, especially in this Library.

Parker walked towards the section on plants. He knew that section, and so figured it was a good enough place to start before he started asking for help from someone. He didnít want anyone else to know what he was up to after all, which was why he hadnít asked Professor X for any help.

He had mentioned it to Cleo, and though he wasnít sure of her overall interest in creating said map, he hoped if he could get some of it done and show it to her she would enjoy it and join in helping. She seemed much smarter than him, and was nice. Parker felt he had to prove his intelligence to her to show he wasnít a lost cause.

Thus why he was in the library, with its claustrophobic rows and difficult to understand organizational system. Looking through the books in the plant section Parker saw a lot of books that looked interesting, but none that was just about the Labyrinth.

Parker walked out of the row and looked around, hoping to find someone to help him find books on the school history maybe, or the labyrinth in particular. Parker was beginning to feel the urge to sprint outside, but he felt this was important.

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