Librarian Fox-Reynolds
Library Helpers needed
Mon Jan 22, 2018 08:59

Tarquin Fox-Reynolds had a limited amount of ‘setting up for the new term’ to do. He wasn’t a resident staff member, so he didn’t have a whole bag of things to unpack, just the few personal possessions that made the hours he occupied his office more comfortable. There was the mug, displaying the quotation ‘With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?’ - it had been years since Danny had given it to him, but he still remembered the little note that had come with it ‘I promise you all four, forever,’ and the mug had indeed been accompanied by a large bouquet, a very nice edition of ‘Wuthering Heights’ and a cheese selection - and there was the packet of Early Grey to go with it. There was the framed photo of him and Danny on their wedding day, although the bottom corners were obscured by pictures of a young woman with curly brown hair and a young blond man which he had tucked into the edge of the frame. Maybe it was silly, given that he’d still be seeing his husband every day, but he still liked having his family looking out from his desk at him whilst he worked. With all these items placed on his desk, he was unpacked. The only items remaining in his bag were his personal books, which he would read if things got quiet, and the usual paraphernalia of quills, parchment, and emergency chocolate.

His first duty of the day was to put up the sign up sheet for library monitors - the kids who wanted to help out throughout the term. He had been a little unsure about the scheme at first, but as he preferred to live off campus, the help was actually very useful. There were plenty of charms and things that could have helped him out too, but it was good for the kids to have things to put on their personal statements in the future, to prove what useful and constructive members of society they were, so he continued to ask for volunteers.

He had not yet had the summons from Selina with the dreaded words ‘emergency staff meeting,’ and was in a relatively cheerful mood. He quietly hummed to himself, smiling to himself when he realised that it was ‘I wanna dance with somebody,’ that had got stuck in his brain. He pinned up the notice, and returned to his office, leaving the door open in case anyone wanted him.

Student Helpers

Students who wish to help out in the library may sign up below. The two roles available are:
Monitors (advanced and intermediate only): checking books in/out, assisting students, organizational tasks and errands.

Assistants (all ages): organising/reshelving, and other tasks as directed by the monitors.
Please sign up with your name and year below. Speak to Librarian Fox-Reynolds if you have questions.

    • Happy to help!Tess Whittaker, Tue Feb 13 13:18
      Tess liked helping out in the library. It was a nice environment to be in, and somewhere she sometimes went to study, as well as using the resources available there. As such, she felt she ought to... more
    • I could do that...Dorian Montoir, Tue Feb 6 06:56
      Dorian was a fairly regular visitor in the library, between it being the meeting place for the Club of Tongues, and his natural tendency to be a bit of a bookworm, and Jehan’s strong encouragement of ... more
    • Signing up as an AssistantZevalyn Ives, Mon Jan 22 09:38
      This year, Zevalyn thought she was nearly caught up to her actual yearmates. She was dropping academic help, and she was officially listed as a fifth year now, just as she ought to be for being... more
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