Zevalyn Ives
Signing up as an Assistant
Mon Jan 22, 2018 09:38

This year, Zevalyn thought she was nearly caught up to her actual yearmates. She was dropping academic help, and she was officially listed as a fifth year now, just as she ought to be for being fifteen years old today on September first. (She'd be sixteen tomorrow, so she was probably still older than everyone else in her year, but at least she was in the one she'd have been in if she started when she was supposed to.) So she expected to have a little more spare time this year for extra curricular activities.

The one extracurricular most Aladrens worth their sorting went for was the library helpers. This year, Zevalyn wanted to join them. So while the Orientation was going on, she had gone to the library - there was still some review she needed to do to be completely caught up - and had chosen a table not too far from the bulletin board, so she saw when the librarian came out and put up the sign-up sheet.

After he returned to his office, she came over, and read the details. She doubted she had enough time, even now, for a full monitor position, and she hadn't helped before so she didn't really know the ropes that well anyway, so it would be assistant for her.

Zevalyn Ives, 5th year, Assistant

She felt pretty proud writing that she was a fifth year now, when last year she'd had to put down third. She was where she was supposed to be. She smiled as she headed back to her study table.

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    • Signing up as an Assistant — Zevalyn Ives, Mon Jan 22 09:38
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