Dorian Montoir
I could do that...
Tue Feb 6, 2018 06:56

Dorian was a fairly regular visitor in the library, between it being the meeting place for the Club of Tongues, and his natural tendency to be a bit of a bookworm, and Jehan’s strong encouragement of that tendency… He probably spent more of the waking hours at his voluntary disposal there than anywhere else, except perhaps for his and Jehan’s little green music room in MARS. He liked the library. It was calm and quiet, and it smelt of nice books and happy memories.

He had decided over the summer that he needed more philosophy in his life. Poetry was excellent for explaining feelings but it rarely dealt with thoughts, and they were deeply important too. The study of what people thought about thinking seemed a worthy pursuit, and he was on a quest for suitable books when he noticed the sign up sheet for library helpers. He was familiar with their existence, having spent so much of his time in their domain last year, but last year everything had been new and dramatic and scary, at least until the point where it had become fun and wonderful and distracting. Between those two sets of emotions, the thought of being a library assistant hadn’t been given much space to develop, but now he consisdered the idea. He thought it might be nice to give a little back - he certainly made enough work for people with the number of books he checked out. And so he added his name to the list.

Dorian Montoir, second year, assistant

He’d tell Je later and see if he wanted to do it with him. For now though, he had books to find…

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    • I could do that... — Dorian Montoir, Tue Feb 6 06:56
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