Gary Harper
Adventure Awaits... if you dare
Tue Feb 6, 2018 21:13

On his way through the library Gary had noticed something. There was a notice board hanging on the wall. Upon that board was a sign-up sheet for library assistants. Anyone in the school could see that sign-up sheet, anyone could sign up to be a library assistant. If someone, hypothetically, wanted to spread some news of a group or club or event of some kind, they could, again hypothetically, put a message on that board and then anyone in the school could see it and inquire further if they so desired. That would take very little social interaction from the person who, hypothetically, put up the notice to start with while still informing a sizable number of people in the school. This information could be useful, if there was someone who wanted to attempt to find a group of people who would be potentially interested in something and they themselves weren't very good at overt social interactions. He might be aware of someone in such a predicament.

The next time he passed through the library, Gary carried a piece of paper. He looked around the library casually, he didn't notice anyone paying any attention to him. As casually as possible, pretending to look over the books of the shelves nearby he made his way towards the library's notice board. Taking one more furtive glance around, he tacked the paper to the board and as quickly as he was able, fled the scene.

Upon the paper, hastily tacked to the notice board, is written in an attempt at fancy script:

Calling any adventurous souls, your help is desperately required!
Port Toli is under assault from an unknown malevolent entity known
only as 'Blackfang'. Mayor Danita Liviana is offering a considerable
award to anyone brave enough to put an end to the threat. Is that
person you? Have you the skills and courage to end Port Toli's plight?
Danger awaits those who set forth, be warned...

I'm attempting to get a group together to play some Dungeons & Dragons.
If you are not familiar with the game, it is a collaborative story-
telling game that takes place in a medieval fantasy world filled with
knights, wizards, goblins and dragons. Each player has a character that
they control and use to interact with the world and story as presented
by the game master (that's me). The players use their characters to
have exciting adventures, save the day, and we all still get to make
it back in time for potions class.

Ideally four or five players is best, so to that end this paper is your
ticket to a player seat at the table. I've posted four more around the
school, each one grants a different character. This one is for the half-elf
wizard, whose name and gender are up to you. They have an assortment of
spells at their disposal, to use against the perils before them.

If you would like to play using the wizard character, bring me this
invitation. If you're curious, but not sure you want to actually play,
feel free to just hunt me down to chat and leave this notice for another.
If you'd like to play something other than a wizard... find one of the
other invitations before they're taken.

Gary Harper, 2nd year Aladren.

P.S. The wizard magic in the game does not work anything like the stuff
we're learning, so keep that in mind if you want to play the wizard.

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