Jozua Sparks
Ignomious Retreat (during Int Charms Lesson)
Thu Feb 8, 2018 21:01

OOC: This is taking place during the Intermediate Charms class, probably shortly before 10am. So if your Advanced Student isn't taking Potions, you have a free period, though DADA starts at 10:15, and you may need to think about packing up soon if you're taking that. BIC:

Jozua retreated from the Charms classroom, clutching the Hall Pass that allowed him to be away from his regularly scheduled lesson. He had just sparked out in front of everybody in third, fourth, and fifth year, so approximately half the school's population. This was not a good way to start a new year. At least he had a reprieve for the rest of Charms. He was not looking forward to Transfiguration, though. One hour or so was not nearly enough time to have been forgotten. But he did have one hour, anyway, before he really had to worry about it.

He reached the library and flashed his pass in the librarian's direction to prove he was supposed to be there, then found a table near the Charms section. Professor Wright had been kind enough to send him away instead of back into the classroom, so the least Jozua could do was to at least attempt to do some CATS prep work as requested. He figured he could get in about twenty minutes before his eyes went buggy trying to read the finer points of Charms theory. That ought to give him enough time before Transfig to maybe read up on accidental magic during puberty and see if there was anything he could do to prevent this kind of thing from repeating ever again.

Well, that was the plan. He got a couple charms books down from the shelves, but started writing a letter to Lily instead of opening any of them. His thought was that maybe if he resolved the Lily And The Ball issue by owl instead of in person, that might resolve at least half the problem anyway.

Well, that was the secondary plan. So far he'd written, *Lily, that was weird, right? Sorry.* and wasn't quite sure where to go from there, so he was just sitting there, surrounded by Charms books and staring at a mostly blank piece of parchment.

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