Connor Priory
Got it. Sort of...
Sat Feb 10, 2018 18:40

Connor was looking forward to another great year at Sonora. Okay, nothing special had really happened thus far though he had talked Ivy into sharing conductorship of the orchestra with him when Louis graduated. The third year could not let it die, orchestra was without a doubt, the best thing about Sonora. And he generally seemed to think things were pretty great here.

Still, he didn't want to be the conductor alone, because if he did, he wouldn't get to play. And Connor was the only trombone player here so he was rather indispensible. He was the entire low brass section and low brass was important ! Maybe Ivy's cousin Peyton could help too. She didn't seem as passionate about playing as either he or the other third year.

Plus, after two uneventful years at home while Connor was away, he felt he could relax and stop worrying about his parents and Lydia. His youngest sister seemed to be outgrowing some of her issues associated with being a preemie though his parents tended to fuss over her just as much and she was still a rather delicate flower of a girl as opposed to Sophia, who was much sturdier. Still, he hated that Sophia had had more responsibility dumped on her when he'd gone to school. Sure, they had house elves for cooking and cleaning but Connor felt the rest of his family needed taking care of in general.

He entered the library, eager to pick out a few books to start the year with, when he noticed a notice on the board. The Crotalus was the sort who read every notice he came across as he didn't want to miss anything. As he read it, a puzzled expression found it's way to his face. He got the whole idea of the game thing, but he didn't quite understand the bit about the elf-wizard hybrid. Connor had heard of other species breeding with wizards such as veelas and giants, though he honestly didn't quite get the mechanics of the latter and prefered not to think about it in detail but a half-elf wizard? That sort of brought up even worse thoughts, beating house elves was bad enough but to do those...things with one was just wrong. Connor was also wondering what sort of wizard even had those sort of proclivities!

But then again the invite said the wizard bit was different, so maybe the elf bit was too. Or his job was to cook and clean and serve the others. Anyway, it was worth checking out. Connor quickly pocketed the invite and then went about his business.

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    • Got it. Sort of... — Connor Priory, Sat Feb 10 18:40
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