Gary Harper, Dungeon Master
It's not to bad... eventually...
Sun Feb 11, 2018 14:51

Gary looked up from his notes as Parker came up to the table, he gave his classmate a grin. He was the one student in the group that was in his class, all of the others were older and therefore much more intimidating. "I expect that'll be a popular question, I'm not sure how prevalent the game is in the magical community. The video game analogy isn't terribly far off, you have your character that you're controlling and deciding what they do in reaction to the situation." Gary gestures to the character sheet, "We'll go over it in more detail once everyone arrives, but this is your character sheet and describes your character and what they can do. The neat thing that makes this different than a video game, is that you don't have a computer decided what you are allowed to do or not. You are not limited to 'Jump' or 'Shoot', you can use your imagination and try to come up with interesting solutions to problems. As the Dungeon Master, I take what I know of the obstacle you face, whatever facets of the world are relevant and decide if your course of action is possible, and if so, how difficult it is. You then roll some dice to account for uncertainty of the universe, add in your character's applicable skills and see if you can overcome the problem."

"As for the acting bit," Gary paused for just the briefest of moments, "Some people really enjoy getting into their character and losing themselves in the fictional world and story. They make up voices, do accents, and go all out. That isn't necessary at all though. If you like, you can, but a lot of people just prefer to say what their character is doing directly. Either way is perfectly valid."

Gary nodded as Parker picked up the figure, "Yup that's your character, the Dwarven Cleric of Moradin. He's a bit gruff as most Dwarves are, but cares for the well being of all those around him. He'll heal and buff up the group, but won't shy away from using that hammer to smite any evil creatures that threaten the innocent or his friends. Have you come up with a name for him yet?"

OOC: Nope. As this is an experiment, and I'm not sure if it would actually work as a 'play-by-post' actual game, I'm running real loose and narrative focused. Any of the players whose author's are familiar with the game can pretty much define the pre-generated characters that Gary handed out to them in any way they want, so long as they conform to the basic character creation rules for 5e. In your case, naturally the Dwarven Cleric is a follower of Moradin and thus does use a war hammer. If anyone is not familiar with the game, I'll supply basic details, no worries there.

  • This is... overwhelmingParker Fitzgerald, Dwarven Cleric, Sun Feb 11 13:47
    Parker had talked to Gary and mentioned that he had found the paper and was interested in being a cleric, which apparently meant a priest of sorts. Parker had remembered watching Lord of the Rings,... more
    • It's not to bad... eventually... — Gary Harper, Dungeon Master, Sun Feb 11 14:51
      • Arrival of Amber the ValorousZevalyn Ives, Sun Feb 11 15:25
        Zevalyn arrived in the library a bit early, intending to grab some books for her DADA supplemental reading to close that last little bit of gap between where she was and where she was supposed to be... more
        • Hope Eventually arrives soonParker, Mon Feb 12 14:08
          When the older girl walked up to the table Parker swallowed a bit. He'd hoped it hadn't been loud. He knew from talking with Gary that Gary had collected quite the array of students to play, for some ... more
          • Gary had watched as Zevalyn approached. Out of all of the people who had grabbed the invitation sheets, she was by far the most intimidating. He was about to respond with some level of uncertainty to ... more
            • Smiting helps thoughZevalyn/Amber the Valorous, Tue Feb 13 07:06
              "Hullo, Dwarf," Zevalyn told the newbie player when he finished introducing himself, as much as he could without having picked a name. "I'll appreciate the heals. Figure I'll be the front line and be ... more
              • I... play music?Kir, Wed Feb 14 08:27
                Kir had been a bit uncertain after taking the invitation for D&D. He wasn’t really sure what he was getting himself in for, and he was kind of self-conscious that the game was being run by a second... more
                • Is it supposed to do that? Lily Spencer, Wed Feb 14 19:16
                  Lily was running late because she’d almost forgotten about the adventure game she’d decided to join. It sounded like a fun thing to be a part of, albeit much more organised than what she was used to. ... more
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