Zevalyn Ives
Arrival of Amber the Valorous
Sun Feb 11, 2018 15:25

Zevalyn arrived in the library a bit early, intending to grab some books for her DADA supplemental reading to close that last little bit of gap between where she was and where she was supposed to be for her age group, but before she found the books, she found the D&D table. For a moment, she stood there abruptly uncertain about the wisdom of this, with her now being sixteen and the other two already at the table being kids who started Beginners after she had left it. But she had already told Gary she was in, so she approached, kibitzed about the table until she found the Fighter's character sheet, then sat down in front of it.

She pushed the provided bag of dice back towards Gary and dropped her much larger purple suede bag of dice in its place. "I've played before," she explained. "I'm a second generation geek." She made this statement of fact with a smile and a note of pride in her voice so they both knew she wasn't speaking ill of them for opting to play or gm. 'Geek,' in the Ives family, was a compliment.

She untied her dice bag and dumped it out over Amber's character sheet. Most of the dice in it were purple and black or a cool swirly and shimmery mixture of both colors. She separated them out by dice type, having about four of each of the lesser used four, eight, ten, and twelve siders, with six twenty siders in case they turned against her, and a few extra six siders just because they were the sneak attack damage dice from the previous character that she last played.

"Hi, I'm Amber," she told the second year who wasn't Gary, holding out a hand for shaking. "Amber the Valorous. I'm blonde," which was true for Zevalyn as well, "really tall," she glanced at the strength attribute on her sheet to double check a basic assumption, and continued, "and really muscular." Those later two descriptions were decidedly less true for Zevalyn herself. She checked another two parts of her sheet and finished, "I'm wearing chainmail and carrying a freaking huge greatsword."

  • It's not to bad... eventually...Gary Harper, Dungeon Master, Sun Feb 11 14:51
    Gary looked up from his notes as Parker came up to the table, he gave his classmate a grin. He was the one student in the group that was in his class, all of the others were older and therefore much... more
    • Arrival of Amber the Valorous — Zevalyn Ives, Sun Feb 11 15:25
      • Hope Eventually arrives soonParker, Mon Feb 12 14:08
        When the older girl walked up to the table Parker swallowed a bit. He'd hoped it hadn't been loud. He knew from talking with Gary that Gary had collected quite the array of students to play, for some ... more
        • Gary had watched as Zevalyn approached. Out of all of the people who had grabbed the invitation sheets, she was by far the most intimidating. He was about to respond with some level of uncertainty to ... more
          • Smiting helps thoughZevalyn/Amber the Valorous, Tue Feb 13 07:06
            "Hullo, Dwarf," Zevalyn told the newbie player when he finished introducing himself, as much as he could without having picked a name. "I'll appreciate the heals. Figure I'll be the front line and be ... more
            • I... play music?Kir, Wed Feb 14 08:27
              Kir had been a bit uncertain after taking the invitation for D&D. He wasn’t really sure what he was getting himself in for, and he was kind of self-conscious that the game was being run by a second... more
              • Is it supposed to do that? Lily Spencer, Wed Feb 14 19:16
                Lily was running late because she’d almost forgotten about the adventure game she’d decided to join. It sounded like a fun thing to be a part of, albeit much more organised than what she was used to. ... more
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