Eventually arrives when it wishes, there is no rushing it
Mon Feb 12, 2018 20:47

Gary had watched as Zevalyn approached. Out of all of the people who had grabbed the invitation sheets, she was by far the most intimidating. He was about to respond with some level of uncertainty to Parker's first question, then she pulled out her own dice bag. At that he grinned wide, she was a gamer and knew what she was doing. This was good. Hopefully she'd be willing to help out some of the other players that weren't quite sure how the game worked.

"Welcome Amber,we're glad to have you aboard." Gary greeted her as he collected the dice bag she had tossed back his way. As Parker started his introduction, Gary immediately set about flipping through pages in his binder. A moment later he popped open the binder's rings, removed a sheet of paper and snapped the rings shut again. Then he handed the paper to Parker. "Here is a list of Dwarven-sounding names, feel free to pick one of those if you'd like. I usually find names to be the hardest part of creating a character." The paper has three columns, the left one was labeled 'Male', the middle was labeled 'Either' and the right column was 'Female'. Each column was a list of fifteen to twenty names. "It never hurts to be prepared."

  • Hope Eventually arrives soonParker, Mon Feb 12 14:08
    When the older girl walked up to the table Parker swallowed a bit. He'd hoped it hadn't been loud. He knew from talking with Gary that Gary had collected quite the array of students to play, for some ... more
    • Eventually arrives when it wishes, there is no rushing it — Gary, Mon Feb 12 20:47
      • Smiting helps thoughZevalyn/Amber the Valorous, Tue Feb 13 07:06
        "Hullo, Dwarf," Zevalyn told the newbie player when he finished introducing himself, as much as he could without having picked a name. "I'll appreciate the heals. Figure I'll be the front line and be ... more
        • I... play music?Kir, Wed Feb 14 08:27
          Kir had been a bit uncertain after taking the invitation for D&D. He wasn’t really sure what he was getting himself in for, and he was kind of self-conscious that the game was being run by a second... more
          • Is it supposed to do that? Lily Spencer, Wed Feb 14 19:16
            Lily was running late because she’d almost forgotten about the adventure game she’d decided to join. It sounded like a fun thing to be a part of, albeit much more organised than what she was used to. ... more
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