Tess Whittaker
Happy to help!
Tue Feb 13, 2018 13:18

Tess liked helping out in the library. It was a nice environment to be in, and somewhere she sometimes went to study, as well as using the resources available there. As such, she felt she ought to give something back, and signing up to help out the librarian fitted the bill perfectly. True, she was starting advanced classes this year, so would perhaps be a little busier, but being a sixth year meant there was less pressure, although she would still try her best in class and whilst doing her homework. She was also still running baking club, but that was a fairly relaxed thing to do. The prairie elves were so helpful that there was little extra prep to do, just finding the recipes. Admittedly she was also prefect, but was confident in her ability to do all these things. None of them were designed to take up all her free time, and she enjoyed being busy and doing different things.

As an advanced student, she decided to sign up to be a library monitor this year.

Theresa Whittaker, sixth year, monitor

It was strange to see her name written next to the words ‘sixth year’, although in quite a pleasing way. Although it was a reminder that she didn’t have too much longer left at Sonora, being one of the older students was quite satisfying. After five years at the school she felt completely at home here, had a great group of friends, a wonderful boyfriend. Could life get any better?

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