I... play music?
Wed Feb 14, 2018 08:27

Kir had been a bit uncertain after taking the invitation for D&D. He wasn’t really sure what he was getting himself in for, and he was kind of self-conscious that the game was being run by a second year, and that everyone else in the group might be considerably younger than him. Neither of these fears had really been resolved by talking to Gary (once he’d figured out which second year Aladren Gary was by asking the French Teppenpaw second year whether Gary was the one he always hung out with or the other - he was the other one) because Gary hadn’t known who else was signed up at that point, and Kir left that conversation without much more knowledge about the game than he’d gone in with. Only that he needed to pick a gender. There didn’t seem to be any kind of… anything that went along with that in terms of ability (which raised the writers of the game in Kir’s estimation) and which little figurine would represent him. He’d been torn between Proving A Point that he Didn’t Care About That Sort of Thing and playing a female elf, and playing a male elf because… well, he had enough to remember without referring to himself as ‘she’ all the time. In the end he’d decided that, as elves possessed a fairly high number of traditionally feminine traits (based on the brief intro Gary had given him), he was bucking more gender stereotypes by playing a male elf than a female one, at least in terms of his character, if not him as a person. At least, that was his defence if his sister called him out on it.

He arrived in the library a bit before the game, in case Gary wanted to get started promptly with game play at the appointed time, because he felt like he needed some substantial filling in on what the heck was going on before he was ready to roll (a phrase he would come to realise could be applied quite literally).

It being out of hours, he’d eschewed his school robes and was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a lightweight grey hoodie. He had his school bag with him, because he wanted to pick up a couple of books, and he thought he might ask the librarian to put up a McLeod Foundation poster on the library board, seeing as that was somewhere where all the students would be able to see it, so he had one of those, and some pamphlets in his bag.

He was pleased to notice Zevalyn in the group, meaning he wouldn’t be the only intermediate - or even the youngest, he guessed, given that she’d been made prefect, although he had trouble keeping track of her actual grade.

“Hey,” he greeted everyone at the table. “I’m Kir,” he added, because he wasn’t sure The Second Year Who Was Not Gary or The French Teppenpaw would know that, especially given that he’d just mentally called him The Second Year Who Was Not Gary or The French Teppenpaw. He also wasn’t sure whether Zevalyn would know his name, even though they were in classes together, because he was starting to get this crushing feeling that he was invisible to girls, until he had direct conversations with him, at which point they were forced to notice his existence but probably only saw him as a friend.

He gravitated towards Zevalyn, and then noticed that their character sheets were out. Happily, his was next to hers. He hung his bag - a plain black satchel but adorned with a merry assortment of pins, many of them bearing rainbows - over the back of his chair and sat down. He cast his eyes over the sheet. There were… a lot of numbers. He had kind of assumed that playing a part would involve more words than numbers.

“So… I’m an elf musician thing?” he asked, unabashed at his own complete lack of knowledge. He’d been up front with Gary about it, and he’d still accepted him into the game.

OOC - previous conversations and character stuff checked with Gary (by proxy). Roping Dorian in by proxy allowed cos I author him too. Are we going with set posting order for intros? Normally multi person threads maintain the same order, the exception being Quidditch, which would mean this goes Parker, Gary, Zev, Kir (for now!)

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