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Parker, Nefrig Boneaxe
Short Man on a little walk
Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:56

Parker's eyes opened wide when Lily sat down, and went even wider when the dice started to rise. Parker was fairly certain that the dice, were indeed not supposed to do that, though it might be useful for later if there was indeed rolling involved. Not only were there older students at the table, it was almost evenly split between boys and girls. Apparently DnD wasn't just for nerdy boys, and Parker's view of Gary changed dramatically.

As Gary started talking, Parker looked down at the sheet of names that he had been given. He chose the one that ended in Boneaxe because it sounded like someone who might do some smiting. As Parker listened to Gary talked it sounded a bit like one of the stories he had heard over the summer, only it was happening in real time. Also, Gary's discription reminded Parker of something

As Gary mentioned others that they could chat Parker turned to the team, "Hi. I am..." looked down at the paper Gary had given him, "Nefrig Boneaxe, Dwarven Priest, protector of friends, smiter of foes. Big fangs, eating animals, lives in a cave. Does anyone else think this sounds like a chimaera?"

Parker had just been reading about them after Cleo had mentioned them in her letter and now wanted to show off his knowledge. The fact that there were older students playing, and two girls, both of whom Parker noticed were quite beautiful in their own ways, made Parker feel like he needed to prove himself, and that he had something to offer the group.

  • The Opening SceneGary Harper, Dungeon Master, Sat Feb 24 19:40
    As the introductions, questions, conversation and magical disturbances die down, Gary speaks up. "Are we all ready to get started? I'm sure questions will come up as we go, feel free to ask. So,... more
    • Fight!!Gary Harper, Dungeon Master, Mon Apr 9 21:35
      Gary smiled as the group in front of him began to talk. They were getting the hang of it. He nodded at Kir's question about his Bard's accomplishments, "Absolutely, you can declare nearly anything... more
      • Ahhhh... I have to read first?Parker, Nefrig, Thu Apr 19 13:57
        Parker was having fun. There seemed to be a good number of people in this game, and it seemed to be a lot of talking, which Parker enjoyed. He felt a little silly after his idea was dismissed, but... more
        • Ahhh.... I have to fight.... uh, enemies?Kir/Erevan, Mon Apr 30 09:22
          [Co-written between Kir and Gary with occasional butting in from Zev] Kir listened as Gary went back into storytelling mode. He quite liked these bits. He had a feeling it would make it all hang... more
          • Hope I'm doing this right.Lily / Ronin, Thu May 3 19:23
            The entire game was difficult for Lily to grasp, particularly the concept of rolling a dice and doing maths. She liked it best when Gary explained the story. She stayed quiet, listening as Gary, Kir, ... more
    • Short Man on a little walk — Parker, Nefrig Boneaxe, Tue Feb 27 12:56
      • Um... elf... guy.... doing stuff?Kir, Erevan Amastacia, Fri Mar 2 21:09
        OOC - hey Gary. Great opening scene. Try to remember to use a past tense (‘Gary spoke up,’ ‘Gary paused’ rather than ‘speaks’ and ‘pauses’) as that’s the style guide here. Content is great though,... more
        • Human Warrior takin' namesZevalyn/Amber the Valorous, Wed Mar 7 07:35
          While Parker and Kir began talking, Zevalyn placed her human fighter figure into the indicated corner where they were supposed to be arriving at the cave. As long as character had been broken,... more
          • Trying to be stealthy.Lily / Ronin the Rogue , Wed Mar 14 20:14
            After the floating pieces had been dealt with, Lily still had little idea of what was going on. She assumed they were all creating an alternate identity for their character, but the game Gary had set ... more
            • Just trying to catch on.Connor Priory/Osril, Mon Apr 9 18:17
              Connor walked into the library carrying the invite for the game. He was glad that he had spoken to Gary beforehand and had things cleared up for him. He had been having a really difficult time... more
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