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Kir, Erevan Amastacia
Um... elf... guy.... doing stuff?
Fri Mar 2, 2018 21:09

OOC - hey Gary. Great opening scene. Try to remember to use a past tense (‘Gary spoke up,’ ‘Gary paused’ rather than ‘speaks’ and ‘pauses’) as that’s the style guide here. Content is great though, and I always enjoy reading your posts, which is the main thing.

Once he had Erevan Amastacia all set up, and they had all the dice back on the table (Kir assumed an older student was pranking them with that, though he hadn’t been able to see anyone around), Gary began kind of… story telling. Kir smiled. The stats and everything had been kind of complicated and there seemed to be a lot of detail to get his head around. But this was more like what he’d been imagining, insofar as he’d been able to imagine anything about this at all - it was like playing pretend. Only in a way that was socially acceptable now that they were teenagers.

And then… Gary was telling them to talk. Or, rather, be their characters. Parker went first, introducing himself, and saying he was a dwarf and such, which seemed redundant cos they’d all just discussed character names and types before beginning. But, oh, he supposed their characters were only just meeting. Right.

“Pleased to meet you,” he tried, feeling a little weird but not too self-conscious. He could tell he was going to be kind of clunky and awkward at this at first, but Kir wasn’t really someone who embarrassed easily. He’d rather have a go and get it wrong than sit there in silence. “I am Erevan Amastacia, elven bard, with many a… great poem to my name. Am I allowed to claim that?” he checked, mostly with Gary but also glancing at Amber because she seemed to know what she was doing. “And uh… A chimera? Wait, are you asking as Parker or as… um… what was your dwarf called again? Are there chimeras in this world?” he checked.

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    • Um... elf... guy.... doing stuff? — Kir, Erevan Amastacia, Fri Mar 2 21:09
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