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Zevalyn/Amber the Valorous
Human Warrior takin' names
Wed Mar 7, 2018 07:35

While Parker and Kir began talking, Zevalyn placed her human fighter figure into the indicated corner where they were supposed to be arriving at the cave. As long as character had been broken, Zevalyn took the opportunity to answer Parker's suggestion and Kir's question out of character, "There are chimeras in D&D," she told Kir, "But unless Gary wants to kill us all, we're not facing one of them as level ones," she added, with a grin toward the two second years.

With that, she put on a more serious expression, and sat up taller in her seat - not so much because Amber had good posture, but because Amber was larger than Zevalyn was, being both an adult and an extraordinarily strong woman with mass and muscle up the wazoo - "I am Amber," she stated, introducing herself IC to her traveling companions. "I hope it is not a chimera, Nefrig, I hear they are quite fearsome, but I will prepare myself for that possibility." With that she mimed drawing out a great longsword and holding it out in front of her. "This is Justice," she introduced her weapon. "Blackfang will meet her in due time, whatever kind of foul creature it is."

"Also," she warned, pretending to point the tip of her sword out in front of her, presumably at the stone statue, "I have a bad feeling about that statue." In character, she couldn't mention that any time a DM specifically mentioned a statue shaped like a creature or humanoid, especially one described as 'menacing', and then had everyone take a position on the map relative to it, that meant it was almost certainly going to come to life and attack them, but she thought she was conveying the idea well enough. "Be ready, friends."

  • Um... elf... guy.... doing stuff?Kir, Erevan Amastacia, Fri Mar 2 21:09
    OOC - hey Gary. Great opening scene. Try to remember to use a past tense (‘Gary spoke up,’ ‘Gary paused’ rather than ‘speaks’ and ‘pauses’) as that’s the style guide here. Content is great though,... more
    • Human Warrior takin' names — Zevalyn/Amber the Valorous, Wed Mar 7 07:35
      • Trying to be stealthy.Lily / Ronin the Rogue , Wed Mar 14 20:14
        After the floating pieces had been dealt with, Lily still had little idea of what was going on. She assumed they were all creating an alternate identity for their character, but the game Gary had set ... more
        • Just trying to catch on.Connor Priory/Osril, Mon Apr 9 18:17
          Connor walked into the library carrying the invite for the game. He was glad that he had spoken to Gary beforehand and had things cleared up for him. He had been having a really difficult time... more
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