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Professor Wright
On doors and faking love (tag librarian).
Wed Mar 14, 2018 20:02

Technically, Gray was not an Aladren anymore, and had not been for some time. It was a matter of public record that he had attended Sonora, of course, but as a staff member, he was supposed to be impartial to all the Houses, which essentially meant pretending that he had never belonged to any of them. This made his current situation a problem.

He had not touched the book - a battered old tome called Birds of Prey; fortunate that he found it difficult to imagine anyone but an Aladren finding it interesting - which, in his day, had opened the door to the Aladren Common Room. Of that, he was entirely certain. That there were no invisible students, he was also reasonably certain. This year had been a bit chaotic, but the culprit had always been quite obvious, and invisibility cloaks were rare and not even fully reliable, depending on age and whether they were made with demiguise hair versus charms or whatnot. Also, unless something had dramatically changed, Aladrens were smart. If one wanted to sneak an unauthorized person into the Common Room under an invisibility cloak, he or she would presumably walk beside the intruder and be the one who opened the door, the better to prevent, well, this - a professor standing a good five feet away from the door, staring into the Aladren common room in utter confusion.

Geoff Layne’s niece was standing on the stairs coming down into said common room, and she looked just as confused as Gray felt. He waved awkwardly and she returned the gesture. He hoped she was not in the habit of writing her uncle; Gray had always felt slightly inadequate around Geoffrey even when he didn’t happen to look like he was the most sentimental fool ever to walk these stacks….

He muttered a couple of charms, but none of them revealed a hidden person. Perplexed, he walked over to the door and (scanning the common room quickly, taking in how little it had changed since his day with some pleasure; he’d give a pretty to go examine the old communal shelves and see if he could find any of the several books he’d lightly doodled on in said day...) addressed the people within. “Hello everyone - just passing by. Don’t know how that happened. I’ll send one of the elves up to examine the hinges,” he added in what felt like a stroke of utter brilliance. “Carry on,” he added, pushing the door to send it on its way toward closing.

Still confused, he picked the books he’d been looking at up and headed toward the front, thinking he should ask the librarian if this was a new problem or warn him that it was one now or...something. Reaching the desk, he put the books down, looked around for Fox-Reynolds, and was briefly distracted by the sight of pamphlets he didn’t think he’d noticed there before. Picking one up, he had just realized more or less what it was about when movement out of the corner of his eye made him jump out of his skin before he realized it was just the librarian, the very fellow he’d come up here to speak with.

“Hello,” he said, and bit his tongue against the impulse to add I am not gay as though that were the natural extension of the phrase ‘hello.’ It was true, he was reasonably sure, but announcing it tended to convince people otherwise, especially when such an announcement was unprompted. Not for the first time since starting this job, he considered buying himself a wedding ring sometime and making up a ‘wife’ and planning out contingencies for why she could never come around... “I was just in the back - I might borrow some books for one of my Beginner lessons - and the door to the Aladren common room opened by itself. Thought you ought to know, keep an eye on it in case it happens again - don't want - everyone running across the place.”

OOC: I'm allowed to mention Amelia doing something (in this case, waving) because I write her too. The pamphlets bit is in reference to Tarquin and Kir's co-write (the thread immediately below this one) about the McLeod Foundation.

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