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Lily / Ronin the Rogue
Trying to be stealthy.
Wed Mar 14, 2018 20:14

After the floating pieces had been dealt with, Lily still had little idea of what was going on. She assumed they were all creating an alternate identity for their character, but the game Gary had set up for them did not look like they would be doing anything active. Lily felt a bit apprehensive, but it was still too early to leave.

Choosing a name for her character was easy. She had a list of male and female names she almost always used whilst playing make-believe, so it wasn't difficult to choose one. Ronin - she would be Ronin the Rogue.

Soon, Gary began explaining something and she realised he was telling a story. The premise of their story, evidently. Then it was their turn to chat; apparently there was more role-play than she'd previously assumed. She looked at what Gary was setting up, and then moved her male character to the same corner that Zevalyn had moved hers.

Parker and Kir were chatting, which left her and Zevalyn. She stayed quiet and observed instead, not quite certain what chimeras were supposed to be - though Zevalyn hinted that they were malicious. Zevalyn continued with the role-play and Lily grinned. Now this she did understand. "One thousand gold pieces is a lot," she said aloud. "This better be worth it. I want to look for a secret door or some way to get past the statue without disturbing it."

  • Human Warrior takin' namesZevalyn/Amber the Valorous, Wed Mar 7 07:35
    While Parker and Kir began talking, Zevalyn placed her human fighter figure into the indicated corner where they were supposed to be arriving at the cave. As long as character had been broken,... more
    • Trying to be stealthy. — Lily / Ronin the Rogue , Wed Mar 14 20:14
      • Just trying to catch on.Connor Priory/Osril, Mon Apr 9 18:17
        Connor walked into the library carrying the invite for the game. He was glad that he had spoken to Gary beforehand and had things cleared up for him. He had been having a really difficult time... more
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