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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
I am not an expert on either
Sun Mar 18, 2018 08:57

It had taken a couple of doses of fever-be-gone to bring Danny back to his usual self. The cups had been more easily fixed with a simple ‘finite’ although he still had trouble trusting them, and not automatically getting That Damn Song stuck in his head whenever he looked at them, regardless of whether they were whistling it or not. He realised he was humming it as he made a cup of tea in his Oscar Wilde mug, and scowled.

Tea in hand, he left his office, and - there was someone there. Right there, in front of his desk. Which, whilst it wasn’t unusual, still had the capacity to surprise him. And the other person jumped, which made him jump and nearly spill his tea. In fact, he was quite sure that given how suddenly he’d moved, his tea should, logically, have spilt. But, quite happily, it seemed not to have, somehow. He slid the mug onto the desk.

“Hello,” he greeted. “Oh. That’s inconvenient,” he frowned, when Professor Wright mentioned the door to the Aladren Common Room being open. He thought about asking whether Professor Wright had mentioned it to… that Scottish man. Tarquin had committed to memory the fact that said man was Head of Aladren house because, as a former Aladren, he liked to know these things, and because the cheerful, adventurous Care of Magical Creatures Professor had struck him as a wildly incongruous match for the nice, bookish Aladrens. But apparently he hadn’t committed the man’s name to memory. So that made asking about him rather awkward. “I’ll keep an eye on it,” he promised, unsure of what he would actually do if it continued to be a problem, and making a mental note to maybe mention it to someone else who might know better than he did, “I’m sure the Aladrens will mention it too… If it keeps happening,” he added.

As he searched for something more to say, or tried to evaluate whether saying more was necessary, he found himself glancing down, and noticed the pamphlet in Professor Wright’s hands. His own name was on the poster, as someone people could speak to. He had assumed it was more likely to be students. He hadn’t really thought about… Though he supposed when he had been Professor Wright’s age… Well, he had known what he was, but he’d still been having some trouble dealing with it. And there was the way Professor Wright had jumped when Tarquin had approached… Which might have suggested he was feeling.. Not guilty, exactly. It wasn’t something to feel guilty about. But… on edge. Of course, Tarquin had jumped too, so there was every chance that Professor Wright was just as socially neurotic as him without them necessarily having other things in common. Though the man taught, so he couldn’t be that bad...

“Was there uh… anything else?” he asked as casually as possible, lifting his eyes back to Professor Wright’s and hoping it wasn’t necessarily obvious that he’d noticed, in case this really was just about the Aladren Common Room.

  • On doors and faking love (tag librarian).Professor Wright, Wed Mar 14 20:02
    Technically, Gray was not an Aladren anymore, and had not been for some time. It was a matter of public record that he had attended Sonora, of course, but as a staff member, he was supposed to be... more
    • I am not an expert on either — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Mar 18 08:57
      • We have this in common.Professor Wright, Mon Mar 19 19:01
        Gray nodded when the librarian described the situation with the door as ‘inconvenient’ and agreed to keep an eye on the situation. “Probably,” he agreed about the Aladrens probably mentioning it if... more
        • Along with Awkward Aladren Tendencies Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sat Mar 31 05:26
          “Hmm,” Tarquin frowned. He liked the idea of Pecaris marauding - and Pecaris did maraud, there was no other verb for them - through the Aladren Common Room very little indeed. “I do have faith in the ... more
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