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Professor Wright
We have this in common.
Mon Mar 19, 2018 19:01

Gray nodded when the librarian described the situation with the door as ‘inconvenient’ and agreed to keep an eye on the situation. “Probably,” he agreed about the Aladrens probably mentioning it if the problem continued. “Can’t have Pecaris wandering around the common room. Though what we’ll do if they do….” That would be a much more serious problem than just the door malfunctioning. What would they do with that?

He was busy thinking about that when he realized a) he still had his reading material in hand and b) the librarian had looked at that for a moment. Oh, hell…. To address it or not to address it? Fox-Reynolds was listed on the thing as interested in all this -

“No, that was all - this is just that I’m an Aladren,” he explained. “Or I was, anyway. If something’s lying around, I’m probably going to read it.”

This was, unfortunately, a situation he knew from experience was going to be a lose-lose for him. If he explicitly denied being gay, that would just convince whoever he was speaking to that he was lying. If he said nothing - who knew what the man would think of him then. Damn Aladren tendencies. “It’s good that you have things for students,” he added, carefully returning the pamphlet to the selection. Maybe that would prevent suspicions that he was vehemently opposed to people - doing whatever. “I have to admit, I’ve never heard of half of this - people are complicated, I guess.”

  • I am not an expert on eitherTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Mar 18 08:57
    It had taken a couple of doses of fever-be-gone to bring Danny back to his usual self. The cups had been more easily fixed with a simple ‘finite’ although he still had trouble trusting them, and not... more
    • We have this in common. — Professor Wright, Mon Mar 19 19:01
      • Along with Awkward Aladren Tendencies Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sat Mar 31 05:26
        “Hmm,” Tarquin frowned. He liked the idea of Pecaris marauding - and Pecaris did maraud, there was no other verb for them - through the Aladren Common Room very little indeed. “I do have faith in the ... more
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