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Tatiana Vorontsova
Letting off some steam (tag Dorian).
Tue Mar 27, 2018 21:54

To the world at large, nine times out of ten, Tatiana’s face was a somber-looking blank, despite the fact that almost no-one spoke to her for very long without realizing she was anything but a somber sort of person. When she had first arrived at Sonora, she had known in theory that Americans were masters of the false smile - that they were sneaky, disingenuous - but she had still spent ages feeling as though she had dirt on her face every time she made eye contact with a random person and she still had not adapted the American smile to fit her own face. When she was walking around in no particular mood, she was straight-faced, usually only really showing expression when one of her friends appeared and got a smile because she was happy to see that friend.

Dorian did not earn a smile when Tatiana saw him. Her face was fixed in the same expression it had been when he approached where she sat in the library, arms crossed over her chest, glaring holes through a shelf. Her aquamarine-green eyes snapped to his face when he sat down with her, and her expression did relax somewhat in recognition since he was not the source of her anger, but she still looked undeniably angry.

“Ni hao, Dorya,” she said, greeting him in Chinese. “Professor Wright - glyupi Amerikanets!

The Russian word for ‘stupid’ was one Tatiana often used to describe the English language and sometimes various American things, but not their professors. The venom in her tone, however, would have been unmistakable even if her speaker had never heard a word of Russian. “You know this? He says - bad quill! Chto ya napisala s self-quill! Make me take proklyatyi - “ he probably did not recognize the swearword - “test again! You - “ she fumbled for the word for believe - “know this?”

    • Attempting sympathetic RussianDorian Montoir, Thu Mar 29 07:49
      Tatya was not happy. That was immediately and apparently obvious from the way she was glaring at a bookshelf, although he doubted it was directly responsible. She had mentioned needing to go see a... more
      • Noticing another problem.Tatiana , Thu Mar 29 12:11
        Dorian’s Russian was slow and a touch awkward and a balm to Tatiana’s ears. She managed a small smile. “Ty ochen’ khorosho govorish po-Russkii,” said Tatiana, tightly gripping the hand petting her... more
        • “Spasibo,” he thanked her in return, as she rather generously complimented his Russian. At least he’d made himself understood, and the gesture seemed to have meant just what he had hoped, and some of ... more
          • Being impressed.Tatiana, Fri Mar 30 12:46
            Cheet . Was that the word? Tatiana was uncertain on the word. She shrugged. “He thinks I use a bad quill,” said Tatiana. “That is to cheat? To say I used a quill that write for me?” Such quills... more
            • By... me? I'm... impressive?Dorian, Sat Mar 31 08:07
              “Yes, that is cheat,” he nodded sadly, when Tatya confirmed the meaning of the word, and reiterated the explanation about the quills, which made a lot more sense now. Except that it didn’t because... more
              • You are as brave and loyal as a bear.Tatiana , Tue Apr 3 06:55
                Tatiana stared at Dorian in silence for a moment. It was a long moment, at least in terms of her silences - a moment long enough that it would have been reasonable for him to doubt how much she had... more
                • Right. Okay then. Dorian, Wed Apr 4 09:39
                  She was just… staring. Perhaps she hadn’t understood? Or perhaps she just thought he was mad. Maybe it was one thing to bad mouth a teacher in private, but maybe she disapproved of his- That train of ... more
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