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Figuring out the first one. And doing something about it.
Fri Mar 30, 2018 08:58

“Spasibo,” he thanked her in return, as she rather generously complimented his Russian. At least he’d made himself understood, and the gesture seemed to have meant just what he had hoped, and some of the worry left his eyes as she smiled a little.

His face fell into a frown though, as he tried to follow her explanation. No wrong? Nothing wrong? His knowledge of Tatya’s English prevented him from taking that at literal face value for a moment interpreting it as nothing wrong with her ideas, which he knew to always be the case. Tatya had good ideas, she wasn’t stupid. They just got… lost in translation sometimes. But as she explained more, that the paper looked like hers but… The knut dropped.

“He says you cheat?” he asked. “This is what Professor Wright say - why he is plokhoy Professor?” The anger that had been in Tatya’s eyes moments before kindled now in Dorian’s. How dare he? How could anyone think that Tatya would cheat? Clearly, they did not know her. But why leap to such a horrible conclusion?

“No… This is not allowed. He does not say things like this to you,” he frowned. “It is unacceptable,” he uttered the word with fierceness. But it wasn’t a word you could just say. When something was unacceptable, you had to do something about it. “I will go to speak to him.”

  • Noticing another problem.Tatiana , Thu Mar 29 12:11
    Dorian’s Russian was slow and a touch awkward and a balm to Tatiana’s ears. She managed a small smile. “Ty ochen’ khorosho govorish po-Russkii,” said Tatiana, tightly gripping the hand petting her... more
    • Figuring out the first one. And doing something about it. — Dorian, Fri Mar 30 08:58
      • Being impressed.Tatiana, Fri Mar 30 12:46
        Cheet . Was that the word? Tatiana was uncertain on the word. She shrugged. “He thinks I use a bad quill,” said Tatiana. “That is to cheat? To say I used a quill that write for me?” Such quills... more
        • By... me? I'm... impressive?Dorian, Sat Mar 31 08:07
          “Yes, that is cheat,” he nodded sadly, when Tatya confirmed the meaning of the word, and reiterated the explanation about the quills, which made a lot more sense now. Except that it didn’t because... more
          • You are as brave and loyal as a bear.Tatiana , Tue Apr 3 06:55
            Tatiana stared at Dorian in silence for a moment. It was a long moment, at least in terms of her silences - a moment long enough that it would have been reasonable for him to doubt how much she had... more
            • Right. Okay then. Dorian, Wed Apr 4 09:39
              She was just… staring. Perhaps she hadn’t understood? Or perhaps she just thought he was mad. Maybe it was one thing to bad mouth a teacher in private, but maybe she disapproved of his- That train of ... more
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