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Being impressed.
Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:46

Cheet. Was that the word? Tatiana was uncertain on the word. She shrugged.

“He thinks I use a bad quill,” said Tatiana. “That is to cheat? To say I used a quill that write for me?”

Such quills existed, of course. Tatiana knew this. She even had a quill that helped her take notes sometimes. All it did, however, was transcribe what people said, and she obviously had not said what she wanted to say out loud to her quill during a test! She had struggled laboriously to answer as fully as she could while writing English. She knew the words in this case, which had made it easier, but spelling them was another matter. She had to think through which letter made the same sound as the sounds of words - and in tests, without a chart of the English alphabet in front of her. When she had such a chart, writing English was easier, but even then her spelling wasn’t perfect. Without the chart...the sounds were there, but sometimes it wasn’t the exact English letter that the dictionary would use. She had long since given up on caring much about this so long as she could make herself understood, but now….

”No… This is not allowed. He does not say things like this to you,” said Dorian, and she really looked at her friend again, surprised by his tone. She did not think she had ever heard Dorian sound like that before. Dorian did not sound like that, and he especially did not sound how he did when he said the word ‘unacceptable’ and then threatened to go speak to the professor.

“You are kind,” said Tatiana carefully, “but you cannot do this, Dorya. You will to trouble too.”

  • “Spasibo,” he thanked her in return, as she rather generously complimented his Russian. At least he’d made himself understood, and the gesture seemed to have meant just what he had hoped, and some of ... more
    • Being impressed. — Tatiana, Fri Mar 30 12:46
      • By... me? I'm... impressive?Dorian, Sat Mar 31 08:07
        “Yes, that is cheat,” he nodded sadly, when Tatya confirmed the meaning of the word, and reiterated the explanation about the quills, which made a lot more sense now. Except that it didn’t because... more
        • You are as brave and loyal as a bear.Tatiana , Tue Apr 3 06:55
          Tatiana stared at Dorian in silence for a moment. It was a long moment, at least in terms of her silences - a moment long enough that it would have been reasonable for him to doubt how much she had... more
          • Right. Okay then. Dorian, Wed Apr 4 09:39
            She was just… staring. Perhaps she hadn’t understood? Or perhaps she just thought he was mad. Maybe it was one thing to bad mouth a teacher in private, but maybe she disapproved of his- That train of ... more
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