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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
Along with Awkward Aladren Tendencies
Sat Mar 31, 2018 05:26

“Hmm,” Tarquin frowned. He liked the idea of Pecaris marauding - and Pecaris did maraud, there was no other verb for them - through the Aladren Common Room very little indeed. “I do have faith in the average Aladren to mount a suitable defence,” he decided, “Especially if reading materials, or the peace and quiet in which to enjoy them, are threatened. But no sense worrying.. To fear the foe, since fear oppresseth strength, Gives, in your weakness, strength unto your foe,” he cautioned, his mind travelling, as it was wont to do, through the pages of preferred books and weaving them into the conversation. He had attempted enough conversations with humans over the years that he knew this behaviour wasn’t always considered entirely normal, but that had rarely reduced his tendency to do it.

He was subsequently quite relieved when Grayson explained that he was a former Aladren, and thus probably encouraged that sort of behaviour rather than being confused or off put by it.

“Ah. Yes, I do the same. And quote Shakespeare at people whether they’ve asked for it or not. Perilous place for one’s social skills, Aladren. Or perhaps that’s why we ended up there to begin with, but then I think being around other like-minded people rather encourages it. Not that that’s a bad thing…” He accepted that Grayson’s explanation was entirely plausible, and he himself had definitely been caught out before by his tendency to pick up and read everything in sight. But it didn’t mean that the professor hadn’t found the literature interesting, or relevant. As his colleague slid the pamphlet back, he wondered whether he should have just pretending he was coming out to get a random item from the desk and disappeared again. Had he realised what Grayson was looking at, he might well have done, but it had been too late by that point. Hopefully, if he was interested, he would come back later.

“For whoever,” he added mildly, “And yes… seems like they add new letters every year. We’ll have the whole alphabet soon. I suppose they are…” he mused the idea that people were complicated, “Though in some ways… Most people just want happiness, but it’s happiness that’s complicated. Or the world makes it so by saying ‘no, that kind of happiness is wrong,’” he subconsciously twisted his wedding ring. “Sorry… you just came to report a broken door, not get a philosophical discussion,” he added. He didn’t really go out of his way to talk much with the staff or students but once he got going, he could be hard to shut up. He wondered whether he should just retreat and leave Grayson to the pamphlets that he wasn’t really reading. But equally, he, Tarquin, was allegedly someone useful to talk to. Or, if Grayson really had just been idly browsing, he might be perfectly amenable to idly chatting. “You’ve probably got lots to do with your day,” he suggested, trying to work out whether his presence, or the thought of further conversation with him was a welcome one or not.

  • We have this in common.Professor Wright, Mon Mar 19 19:01
    Gray nodded when the librarian described the situation with the door as ‘inconvenient’ and agreed to keep an eye on the situation. “Probably,” he agreed about the Aladrens probably mentioning it if... more
    • Along with Awkward Aladren Tendencies — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sat Mar 31 05:26
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