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By... me? I'm... impressive?
Sat Mar 31, 2018 08:07

“Yes, that is cheat,” he nodded sadly, when Tatya confirmed the meaning of the word, and reiterated the explanation about the quills, which made a lot more sense now. Except that it didn’t because she wouldn’t do that!

“I don’t care!” Dorian exclaimed, when she said he would be in trouble too, trying to ignore the small part of him that felt relieved at Tatya’s attempt to dissuade him. The part that pointed out that he didn’t particularly want to confront Professor Wright, and that it would be pointless because he doubted that the professor would listen to him. He was a thirteen year old boy. He would probably come across as rude… What if Professor Wright disliked him for the rest of his time at Sonora? He had liked Professor Wright (perhaps when his anger softened a little, he would be willing to admit that he still did like him, and that people made mistakes sometimes) and Dorian wanted to be well thought of by his professors.

He thought about Émilie, and what would happen to her if she was in this situation… Matthieu would never confront a teacher. He would play up, or make fun of them if he thought it would earn him points with the cool kids. But he wouldn’t confront a teacher in this way. Matthieu didn’t like to question people in power - to suggest that they could be wrong. But they could be. And Dorian was polite and was respectful when that was due to someone but those things were earnt not gifted. And when something mattered, when it was something he really truly believed was important, he wasn’t going to let someone’s position stop him from saying so, because to not say so, to not stand up for the things you believed in whatever the cost, was just wrong. So, he might get detention. He might lose Professor Wright’s good opinion. But if he did nothing, he would be disappointed in himself, and that was far worse.

“Ok… I care a little,” he admitted. “But some things are more important that be in trouble or not. You are more important, ma sœurette,” he insisted, gripping her shoulder, “He insult you! He accuse you! I do not want him to think this. If I do nothing, it is very wrong.”

  • Being impressed.Tatiana, Fri Mar 30 12:46
    Cheet . Was that the word? Tatiana was uncertain on the word. She shrugged. “He thinks I use a bad quill,” said Tatiana. “That is to cheat? To say I used a quill that write for me?” Such quills... more
    • By... me? I'm... impressive? — Dorian, Sat Mar 31 08:07
      • You are as brave and loyal as a bear.Tatiana , Tue Apr 3 06:55
        Tatiana stared at Dorian in silence for a moment. It was a long moment, at least in terms of her silences - a moment long enough that it would have been reasonable for him to doubt how much she had... more
        • Right. Okay then. Dorian, Wed Apr 4 09:39
          She was just… staring. Perhaps she hadn’t understood? Or perhaps she just thought he was mad. Maybe it was one thing to bad mouth a teacher in private, but maybe she disapproved of his- That train of ... more
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