Right. Okay then.
Wed Apr 4, 2018 09:39

She was just… staring. Perhaps she hadn’t understood? Or perhaps she just thought he was mad. Maybe it was one thing to bad mouth a teacher in private, but maybe she disapproved of his-

That train of panic was cut off by Tatya throwing herself at him, engulfing him in a hug whilst she chattered in what he was pretty sure was happy Russian (he would never tell her that it was sometimes quite hard to tell ‘excited’ and ‘angry’ apart because of how rough it sounded compared to the pleasant smoothness of French) but he was pretty sure that the word ‘favourite’ was in there and if that wasn’t emphatic enough the kisses definitely were.

“Thank you?” he replied, “I think you are telling me nice things.”

Dorian found himself feeling rather flushed, and was pretty sure it showed. It wasn’t like kisses were new territory between him and Tatya, nor did he automatically ascribe them any kind of romantic status - they kissed each other in greeting, and when something special was going on, like giving gifts. Kisses were friendly. And Tatya reminded him of his sister. Although obviously it was a bit different when she kissed him because they weren’t actually related… And even if it wasn’t automatically romantic, it could possibly be seen that way, if anyone happened to see... But mostly it was the fact that Tatya seemed so… Something. He could not call the words ‘proud’ or ‘impressed’ to mind because he couldn’t really imagine someone being those of him. But he knew that he was doing the right thing, and that she was pleased with him in a way that he had very little experience of, and that it felt good.

He nodded, getting the gist of her final speech. He could not have repeated or even really translated exactly what she had said, but he knew what she meant.

“I try,” he nodded. “Maybe he doesn’t listen to me,” he added. He did not want to damage the fine impression Tatya currently had of him, but he also knew there was a very good chance he wouldn’t be able to change the teacher’s mind, and subconsciously, he wanted to prepare her for the possibility of that failure to slightly ease the moment when he had to come back and admit to it… “But I try.”

And with that, he headed off to see the Charms teacher.

  • You are as brave and loyal as a bear.Tatiana , Tue Apr 3 06:55
    Tatiana stared at Dorian in silence for a moment. It was a long moment, at least in terms of her silences - a moment long enough that it would have been reasonable for him to doubt how much she had... more
    • Right. Okay then. — Dorian, Wed Apr 4 09:39
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