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Dorian Montoir and Jehan Callahan
Put me at ease
Fri Apr 6, 2018 09:57

(OOC - cowritten)

There was something therapeutic and soothing about putting books away. It felt like making a little corner of the universe neat and tidy, and it gave Dorian’s brain some much needed down time, where he wasn’t trying to stuff additional words or concepts into it. Once he’d found Jehan’s sweater, he’d been able to stop feeling all hung up on missing out on being with him, and just quietly get on with his evening. He would see Jehan at the end of it, his friend always waited for him in Cascade Hall with a share of whatever he’d made in baking club, and once Dorian had got out of his funk, it had become something he could look forward to, instead of something he was pining over not having there and then.

Shift finished, he started walking towards the Cascade Hall. On rounding a corner in the corridor, he saw a familiar, slightly curly head just ahead of him. He almost called out, but then thought of something better.

“Hey,” he said when he was close behind Jehan, because he didn’t want to make him jump by just grabbing him, but before Jehan could turn around, Dorian had wrapped his arms, still clad in Jehan’s sweater around him. “You leave anything in the library? Except for me,” he teased. He wasn’t quite sure that sentence structure worked, but he hoped it made enough sense, and he’d got braver about trying word plays, and things that he wasn’t quite sure of around Jehan.

Jehan had just finished baking club, and was about to go find Dorian, when he heard a voice and felt arms wrap around him from behind. “Hey,” he returned, knowing it was Dorian, before turning round to hug him properly. After the fiasco that had been the MARS room ball discussion, Jehan had stopped hugging Dorian so much for a few days. However, he’d missed his best friend’s hugs, so that plan had quickly gone down the drain. Besides, he was over Dorian, right?

Jehan frowned slightly at Dorian’s question, confused. “No, I don’t think so,” he replied. “Except for you, of course.” He laughed slightly at that, appreciating the more jokey side of Dorian that had come out in the last few months. Then he noticed something slightly unusual - although hardly a surprising thing for Dorian to do, really, when you thought about it.

“Are you wearing my sweater?” he asked, running his hands over Dorian’s arms and the familiar woolly sleeves.

Dorian smiled as Jehan turned and hugged him. And there was no one else around, so there was no need to let go in a hurry. There had been a strange couple of days a while back where Jehan hadn’t been so huggy. When Dorian had hugged him, his returning hugs had seemed sad. But he’d shaken off any questions Dorian had put to him, assuring him he was fine, and after a couple of days everything had gone back to normal. It had bothered him, and it still bothered him that he hadn’t known what was wrong, but he had tried to put it out of his mind now that everything was normal again. He knew he had off days, and so he supposed Jehan might too, although he didn’t like the thought.

Jehan also appeared to appreciate his little joke, which made his smile grow all the more. Although he didn’t immediately work out why Dorian was asking, and it took Jehan an extra moment to notice the sweater.

“Yes,” Dorian confirmed. Having the sweater and Jehan’s arms around him meant he was feeling very cosy. Although when Jehan started to stroke the arms, he felt a little shiver run down his spine, appreciating the affection. Although was Jehan stroking him, or the sweater? He could understand why Jehan would be fond of this particular garment - it was very soft. It was another reason Dorian liked it so much. He thought there must be some kind of charm on it to make it extra comfy. When Jehan wore it, he could lean against his shoulder, and the wool was never tickly or scratchy, it was just… nice. “I found it in the library,” he explained. “And I think that you would not want me to be cold and miserable?” he confirmed.

“Of course I wouldn’t,” Jehan agreed, smiling at Dorian. “So I suppose I’ll have to let you off for stealing my sweater.” He winked at Dorian to show he was joking. He didn’t really mind that Dorian was wearing his sweater, especially if the other boy had been cold. Dorian was his best friend, so as far as Jehan was concerned, his sweaters were Dorian’s too. But how had Dorian stumbled across it?

“I don’t steal,” Dorian replied with mock indignation, “Silly Jehan, you forget how to speak English?” he teased, “Here, I speak more sensible language for you. Ce n'est pas un vol parce que je le rendrai. Be noticing… rendrai,” he emphasised. “Meaning?”

“You’ll return it,” Jehan replied, always appreciating Dorian’s efforts to make him improve his French.

“Oui. Will return,” Dorian grinned. He had been meaning to draw Jehan’s attention to the tense marking rather than the actual verb. He would give it back. Eventually. But not right now. “But is maybe cold on the way to Teppenpaw too,” the fact that his cheeks were lightly flushed belied any actual ongoing need for the sweater, but he knew they only had a little time until curfew, and that it was never enough.

“I wonder why my sweater was in the library,” Jehan mused. “I thought I left it in my room. Maybe it got bored of being in there, and decided it wanted a change of scenery.”

“Mmmhmm,” Dorian played along, when Jehan suggested the sweater had gone walking. Jehan was wonderful, and he was smart, but he was a daydreamer, and forgetting a sweater in the library didn’t seem entirely out of character if he’d been too wrapped up in tragic deaths or line in a poem he found particularly profound or questions of whether it would be more fun to have a kneazle that talked in riddles or a chorus of singing pygmy puffs - Jehan’s thoughts were wide ranging, from the deep and intellectual to the strange and surreal, and Dorian appreciated all of them. “Or it comes to keep me company because I miss you. If I am this much powerful, then next time you come in person when I wish for you, please.”

“We should become telepathic,” suggested Jehan, getting excited by this new idea. “There must be a spell for it, and it would be more comfortable than you just accioing me whenever you want my company.” He felt a rush of affection for his friend at the thought of being missed so much that Dorian managed to summon his sweater. He wrapped his arm around Dorian’s waist, squeezing his friend before leaving his arm there loosely.

“You already know everything I think,” Dorian promised Jehan, the statement both a reflection of his own willingness to share, and Jehan’s ability to understand him. “And no accio. I will never be so rough with you. Just… like disapparate, apparate again, and then you are with me.” Certainly, telepathy would speed up their communications over the holidays - the post was frustratingly slow - but there were things it could not replace. “I do love most about you your mind, but there are other things I want too,” he mirrored Jehan, sliding one arm around his friend’s waist. He ran the fingers of his other hand gently through Jehan’s hair. He wanted to hear all Jehan’s thoughts whilst snuggled up next to him, not echoing in his mind whilst he remained alone. “We cannot do this by the télépathie,” he reminded him.

Jehan enjoyed the feeling of Dorian’s hand in his hair, cat-like in his appreciation of hair stroking. Dorian was right, telepathy would be cool but no substitute for snuggles, which were definitely the entirety of what Dorian had meant by ‘other things’. If it had been a week ago, he would have perhaps tried to interpret the sentence slightly differently, but now he knew that Dorian didn’t like him in that way. Which was a good thing. 100% a good thing. After all, Jehan was over Dorian, and loved him very much but in an entirely platonic way.

“Well, I’m here now,” Jehan pointed out, the previous lack of an accio-ed Jehan and the shortcomings of telepathy not being a current concern. “Do you fancy cake in Cascade Hall?” He gestured to his bag, containing his baking club goodies, which he always shared with Dorian.

“Sounds very good,” Dorian smiled, setting off down the corridor with his friend.

  • Dorian was feeling low. It had started the previous day in Defence Against the Dark arts, he supposed. Or maybe before that and that had just not helped… It wasn’t like he was still mad about it or... more
    • Put me at ease — Dorian Montoir and Jehan Callahan, Fri Apr 6 09:57
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