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Connor Priory/Osril
Just trying to catch on.
Mon Apr 9, 2018 18:17

Connor walked into the library carrying the invite for the game. He was glad that he had spoken to Gary beforehand and had things cleared up for him. He had been having a really difficult time wrapping his head around the concept of a half-wizard, half-elf. Apparently, in Dungeons and Dragons, elves were a little more humanoid than in reality. Connor was still a bit puzzled by how Muggles could get things so incredibly wrong but as this was the game, he was going to go with it.

He was also really glad that Gary had provided him with a list of character-appropropriate names, as from Connor's perspective wizards had names that ranged all over the place and elves had names like Blinky. He didn't....really think he wanted to be called Blinky.

So the Crotalus had decided to go with Osril. In part because it was one of the names on the list that he could easily pronounce.

Other than that, he.... had absolutely no idea what he was doing .

It turned out that Connor was the last to arrive. He had been running a little late, trying his best to finish up a Transfiguration essay. Of course, now the end was a little rushed so he might go back and rewrite it.

He recognized pretty much everyone from class. Zevalyn and Lily were both older than him but were rather people who stood out and the former had started with his year anyway. The third year couldn't help but be impressed with "Amber's" introduction though. She really seemed to know what she was doing.

The floating dice were a nice touch too. Connor wondered if someone was casting a spell-though nobody looked old enough to be able to cast both wordless or wandless magic-or if they had actually found floating dice. He assumed Gary was a Muggleborn but that didn't mean he wasn't capable of finding a store that had enchanted dice. After all, they had to go into magical stores to buy stuff for school.

"I'm Connor Priory, of the Wisconsin Priorys" He introduced himself. "Also known as Osril. I am able to do evocation and transmutation" After clearing up that whole wizard-elf hybrid thing, the Crotalus had asked Gary some more questions and found out about the different wizarding schools, which were not places like Sonora but more like areas of study. It did seem rather limiting to him that a wizard could only do two things when they were required to study multiple disciplines here.

After some more setup on Gary's part and a mention of chimeras which "Amber" said would get them all killed at this point, the game began. "I wish I'd decided to divination on it." Connor replied. "Then I could find out. I suppose I could change the statue into something else?"

OOC-All mentions of Connor's previous conversation with Gary has been okayed. Sorry this took so long!

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    • Just trying to catch on. — Connor Priory/Osril, Mon Apr 9 18:17
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