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Gary Harper, Dungeon Master
Mon Apr 9, 2018 21:35

Gary smiled as the group in front of him began to talk. They were getting the hang of it. He nodded at Kir's question about his Bard's accomplishments, "Absolutely, you can declare nearly anything about your character's past, well, within reason of course. Your characters are all just starting out as 'adventurers' at level one, so they haven't slain any dragons or anything yet, but they have made a name for themselves one way or another that has set them above the standard townsfolk." He paused for just a moment, then smirked, "Your character however, can claim anything they want. You've all just met, and who's to say what claims may be true or not?"

As the players began putting their figures onto the map, Gary responded to their declarations. "As you focus your attention on the statue, you can tell that it has been here for many, many, many years. However, despite it's age, it's features have not been worn away by the elements, instead they look as though they've been melted with acid. It makes no move as you circle it, looking for a secret way into the cavern beyond. The only entrance you can see is the main opening, still shrouded with hanging moss." Gary pointed at the squiggly green line drawn across the map's cavern entrance. He made eye contact with each of the players to make sure they were following, then opened his pointing hand releasing two more small figures onto the map just outside the 'moss curtain'.

"The piercing shriek of a battle-cry emanates from the cave as two figures burst through the curtain! They're green humanoids no more than three feet tall. Their wide mouths are peeled back in vicious grins, as they shout and swing crude swords." This could be the interesting part. "These are goblins; malicious, vile creatures of petty evil in this world. They are a plague upon any land in which they reside, stealing and killing, sowing chaos and destruction. Right now, their target seems to be the group of you." How would wizards react to this type of goblin, when they have actual goblins in their world?"

Regardless, it was time to step into explanation mode now, so he paused from the 'action' and shifted into teaching mode. "What we have here now is a fight, and fights play out in a different sort of time frame then wandering around and casually chatting. This is a game, and in every game, each player gets a turn. When everyone has had their turn the round is over and if the conflict hasn't been resolved a new round starts where everyone gets a turn again. Honestly, be prepared to get in a bunch of fights, that's what the game is essentially built around. This is where most of those numbers and things on your character sheet become relevant. For example, in order to determine turn order, everyone rolls their d20, the twenty-sided die, and adds the the number in their initiative modifier box on their sheet. For example, these goblins have initiative modifiers of +6, so I roll a die for each of them and add six to the result." Gary picked up two of his d20s and rolled them on the map. They came up 8 and 19. "Alright goblin 1 has a 14 total and goblin two has 25. You all can roll and get your results and let me know your numbers. Turns then go from highest to lowest.

Gary waited for them to do that and give him the results. Once they had all gotten their turn order he ran over it quick, "Alright, we have Goblin 2, Nefrig, Erevan, Amber, Ronin, Osril then Goblin 1. Now, your turn is about six seconds in the fight and you can choose to do a few things. You can move your character the distance listed under 'speed' on their sheet, each square is 5'. Apart from that, you also attack with your weapons or cast spells. There are a few more options and tactical things that we can get into later, but for now we'll stick with the basics." He looked around the table again hoping he hadn't lost anyone. Combat was the complicated part of this game and he hoped everyone was following along. "Let me know if you have any questions as we go, I'll try to keep explaining everything as well. Once you see how this works, it's not that complicated."

He hoped they would believe that as he reached for one of the goblin figures on the map. "Okay, goblin two is at the top of the initiative order, so he goes first. As stated previously, he had burst from behind the moss curtain screaming an unintelligible battle-cry at the top of his lungs. So, he is going to move and his slightly wavering path takes him headlong towards Amber. He has a speed of 30' so he can move six squares." Gary counted them out as he placed the figure next to Amber's figure. "He only needs four to get next to Amber. Since he's using a melee weapon, his sword, he needs to be in a square adjacent to Amber to attack her. After moving, now he is going to attack her with his weapon, his shabby looking sword. To do that I roll the d20 for the attack roll and add his attack bonus of +2, the die number and the bonus need to meet or exceed Amber's armor class to hit her and do damage." Gary felt this was a fairly safe move for an opening swing. The fighter had a high armor class and the goblin was most likely to miss... then the die landed on the 20. "Huh."

Gary grinned sheepishly at Zevalyn. "Heh, I guess that hits, doesn't it? That is what is called a critical success, or a crit for short. Whenever you roll a natural 20 on the die for an attack roll, it always hits and does double damage. That attack hit something vital. On the other end of the spectrum, a natural 1 always misses. So..." he drew it out, praying for a low damage roll, "their swords normally do 1d4 points of damage, however it's doubled now since it was a crit." The four sided die hit the table and he breathed a sigh of relief as it landed on the 1. "So, Amber takes 2 points of damage. Apparently it nicked her in some semi-vital place."

"Okay, next on the list is Nefrig, what do you want to do?"

OOC - I'm just using posting order for initiative order for simplicity. Assume that after each player takes their turn, Gary asks the next person the same question he asked Nefrig. The goblins have an Armor Class of 13 and 6 hit points each and will fight to the death. I've been rolling the dice for the above results, just for fun. Feel free to do so likewise if you wish. If you want help on weapons or spells, just ask me or Zev's author and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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