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Parker, Nefrig
Ahhhh... I have to read first?
Thu Apr 19, 2018 13:57

Parker was having fun. There seemed to be a good number of people in this game, and it seemed to be a lot of talking, which Parker enjoyed. He felt a little silly after his idea was dismissed, but the group kept going, so he filed it away for later.

You character can claim anything they want.
Parker liked that idea, and was a bit sorry that he had gotten the healer instead of the fighter. He'd have fun with claiming things that the fighter had done, even if it wasn't true. As it stood, it looked like he was going to be the good guy, coming along to help people.

Seems like a Teppenpaw character. So Parker began to try to think, what would a Teppenpaw do? He didn't know any quite that well yet, but he knew enough about them to know they were helpful and kind. Similar to his mother or sister. So Parker changed it to, what would my mother or sister do.

As Gary began to talk about the goblins and fighting Parker broke into a grin. He rolled the die and it came up 19.

"This is good right?" Parker said as he pointed to the 19.

Once he'd figured out where his initiative bonus was he realized that he'd scored above a 20, but below the other Goblin.

Alright. Clobbering time. Parker thought. Then immediately thought about what his mother or sister would do. They wouldn't run in and fight swinging. That was more like him or his brother.

Parker began to look over his sheet. There were names for spells, but he didn't know what any of them meant. Parker grabbed the book that had player on it, thinking it might be like the old video game flyers for his fathers video games that described what you could/couldn't do. He found he wasn't wrong, and looked up the spells sections as Gary talked about rolling a 20. Parker made a note that when fighting he wanted 20's as he flipped through the book.

The first spell he came across was called Bless. Parker read the description. Then read it again.

"Sorry, I'm still new to this whole thing. Does Bless mean that the points get added to people's numbers when they roll to hit someone or the amount of hit points they take away?"

Parker decided he'd do that with his first round since it might mean some people getting some good hits in.

"Umm I guess Nefrig will back up a bit and with a snarl on his face cast Bless on umm..." Parker looked at the map. He was obviously going to choose Amber, but that left two more slots. Looking at the other players he assumed that the wizard probably wouldn't be attacking.
"Bless Erevan, Amber, and Ronin."

In his head, Parker imagined a video game with a red headed bearded short man waving his hands above his head and then a swirl of lights appearing underneath the three characters. This was truly going to be fun.

Parker went back to the book to see what in the world Shillelagh was.

  • Fight!!Gary Harper, Dungeon Master, Mon Apr 9 21:35
    Gary smiled as the group in front of him began to talk. They were getting the hang of it. He nodded at Kir's question about his Bard's accomplishments, "Absolutely, you can declare nearly anything... more
    • Ahhhh... I have to read first? — Parker, Nefrig, Thu Apr 19 13:57
      • Ahhh.... I have to fight.... uh, enemies?Kir/Erevan, Mon Apr 30 09:22
        [Co-written between Kir and Gary with occasional butting in from Zev] Kir listened as Gary went back into storytelling mode. He quite liked these bits. He had a feeling it would make it all hang... more
        • Hope I'm doing this right.Lily / Ronin, Thu May 3 19:23
          The entire game was difficult for Lily to grasp, particularly the concept of rolling a dice and doing maths. She liked it best when Gary explained the story. She stayed quiet, listening as Gary, Kir, ... more
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