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Ahhh.... I have to fight.... uh, enemies?
Mon Apr 30, 2018 09:22

[Co-written between Kir and Gary with occasional butting in from Zev]

Kir listened as Gary went back into storytelling mode. He quite liked these bits. He had a feeling it would make it all hang together however bad a job he was doing, and that was kind of comforting. There was a structure, and a plan here, even if he had no idea what either of them were or how to follow them.

He was less than thrilled, however, when Gary declared they were fighting goblins, and by Gary’s description of them. He opened his mouth ready to object and then shut it again. He knew Gary didn’t mean it Like That. This was a non-magical people thing. Like how they had really weird ideas about fairies. And he didn’t want to be the know it all magical background guy, he didn’t want it to seem like he was trying to make Gary feel stupid or was ruining his game because that would be racist. But he was also pretty sure it wasn’t ok to talk about goblins that way, and that - even if unintentional - it was also kinda racist. There was a long and bloody history between magical humans and goblins, and even now - even now they were all meant to be ‘civilised’ and ‘beyond all that’ - he knew it hadn’t translated down into every nook of society. There was still mistrust between some goblins and some magical humans. There were still people who’d use slurs, either with the intent to cause offence or because they ‘didn’t see the harm.’ Participating in something where goblins were described as malicious, vile creatures with green skin, and where he was expected to bash their heads in felt very, very wrong, even if the person saying all that had no malicious intent whatsoever. He, Kir, still knew that saying things like that wasn’t ok… But it also felt so rude to call Gary out on it, in the middle of his game, and caught between these two conflicting ideals, he wasn’t quite sure what to do.

He tried to tune back in as Gary explained the fighting. And the fact that this was going to involve a lot of it. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He wasn’t much of a fighter. The demo involved a lot of different numbers and seemed to have the upshot that Amber was now hurt. Which made him feel weirdly annoyed, given that they were just tiny little figurines standing next to each other on a pretend map, but Amber was his ally. And Zevalyn was like… insanely hot.

Nefrig went first, and seemed to have a handle on what to do. Kinda.

“Thanks,” Kir responded, when he got ‘blessed.’ It apparently added numbers to his rolls, which was basic enough information that he got that it was a good thing.

“Ok… so, um? Do I try to help Amber? Does Amber even need help?” he questioned, not wanting to stop her if she was ready to smash things, “Like, isn’t she a bad-ass armoured warrior woman and I’m like… a poet?”

“Pfft,” Amber interrupted. “I laugh at two hit points of damage. It’s a mere flesh wound. Poet away.”

“Are we allowed to try to talk our way out of fights?” Kir asked, partly because being a skilled weaver of words definitely appealed more to him than hitting everything he met over the head but also because, whilst he appeared to have some basic weapons and stuff, but he was also the kind of guy who carried a lute as an essential, so he wasn’t particularly sure he was going to be helpful here if it came down to pure muscle. “I mean, it lists things like… persuasion under my skills?”

Gary nodded at Kir, “ Sure, you can always try, and sometimes talking is a much better option than fighting.” This wasn't really one of those situations though. This was an introductory module to the game, and this was the combat tutorial. These particular goblins were drunk and ridiculously belligerent. Still, the game was all about making decisions and dealing with the consequences. So, Kir had to be able to make an informed decision.

“Erevan is proficient in the Insight skill. That is the skill used to gauge another person's state or intentions. Also, the goblins aren't being terribly subtle or deceptive. To that end, you know that they want to cause you and your group serious harm.” he smiled a bit, he had hoped his initial description had made that obvious, “However, the extra thing that you're picking up, is that they are also terribly drunk. That is going to make them very difficult to reason with, but it make may it a little easier to intimidate them.”

Now for the mechanics, “If you want talk to them, just tell me what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it. Then I'll take everything I can account for into consideration and if it’s possible and I can fail, I'll assign a DC or difficulty number to it. That is the target number that you need to match or beat to accomplish your objective.”

“For example, if you tell me that you want to convince the goblins to stop fighting by telling them that you mean them no harm, I'll take into consideration that; they are drunk, already mid attack, some of your group has weapons in hand, and that no one has actually attacked them yet. It might be possible, but fairly difficult and I'll set the DC at 25. Then I’ll ask you to make a persuasion check against that DC 25. You do that rolling your 20 sided die, adding the number listed on the sheet next to your persuasion skill. If, on the other hand, you tell me you want to scare them into running away by convincing them they are terribly outmatched and stand on the brink of death, I'll tell you to roll an intimidation check at DC 20.”

Amber leaned forward, grinning eagerly, “I’d totally aid him if he tries to intimidate.”

While he was listing options, two more occurred to him. “You can also just try to render them unconscious, and you actually have two methods of doing that. The first one is to attack as normal, but declare that you are doing nonlethal damage. Then they'll get knocked out instead of killed when you overcome them. Anyone can do that.” He glanced around the table to make sure everyone was aware. “Your second option is the Sleep spell that you have, you might take them both out with that and they'll be magically asleep for a minute.”

Gary realized he'd been talking a lot again. “Anyway, those are some of your options and how they might play out. Do you have any more questions, or do you know what you would you like to do?”

“Um… Ok,” Kir nodded, trying to take in everything Gary had just said. On the plus side, talking might be an option sometimes, although it seemed like this might not be it. “Hang on… If I want to persuade, I get to roll a twenty sided dice, plus my persuade, which is four… But I need to beat twenty five?” he questioned, checking he’d got what Gary had said right. “So. I’m guessing that’s solidly not an option. Except I’m blessed… How much do I get for being blessed? And what would would I have to do to make the- uh, enemies go to sleep?” he asked, still not quite able to face calling them goblins. The fact that the “goblins” were not behaving like fine upstanding members of the finance industry and were, in fact, being drunken fighty buttholes did make it all slightly easier, in that it removed it by several degrees more from his own experience of them (though he wasn’t sure it was out of the realms of possibility, given some of his family’s new year parties, it just hadn’t happened to him personally yet). Still... Sleeping spell didn’t sound like a terrible option. It was non-violent, and possibly more likely to work than trying to make twenty (or less) and four beat twenty five…

“Still willing to intimidate, but I suck at persuasion, so I’m zero help with that,” Amber put in.

Gary looked a little sheepish at Kir’s quick math skills for the persuasion check, “You're right, as of now, you you probably can’t convince two drunken, semi-crazy creatures to be your friends. As you progress through adventures you gain experience and get better skills and abilities, and at that time you may be able to succeed. The Bless spell, specifically helps you on attack rolls and saving throws, unfortunately not skill checks.” He turned more toward Zevalyn, she’s played games like this before, but 5e was a little weird on this front… okay on a couple of fronts. Maybe he should have just done Pathfinder instead, oh well, to late now. “Assisting works a little different in this version. Anybody can take their action in combat to assist someone else, they don’t need to make a roll, they just give the person making the check Advantage. The person assisting only has to be capable of making the check themself, and it doesn’t matter how good they are at it.”

He winced internally, more mechanics to explain. “when you have Advantage, instead of rolling one d20, you roll two and use the better result.” He’d wait to explain disadvantage until it came up specifically. “Which means you’d have a better chance at getting a higher number, but you still can’t get over a 20.”

“As for the sleep spell…” now for the truly fun part. Explaining how magic works to a bunch of wizards. He took a deep breath, and dove right in. “You will all need to accept now that magic in this game doesn't work at all like real magic.” He looked around the table, hopefully this would go well. “Magic spells come in levels. The lowest level ones are called cantrips. They are simple tricks that you can do without limit. All of your other spells are a limited resource, Erevan can cast two first level spells and then he’ll need to rest for eight hours before being able to cast them again. He knows four first level spells, and sleep is one of them. Casting it is your action, you roll 5d8, that is roll your eight sided die five times and add up the results. That will determine how effective your spell is against your foes. A total of seven will put one of them to sleep, fourteen will put them both down.”

The logical thing - the one with the best odds of him getting a decent result - was probably to use the sleep spell thing. But a pretty girl was egging him on to intimidate and saying she’d help him.

“Eh, let’s have a go at intimidating them,” he grinned, “I mean uh…. Back off, foul creatures. I see you do not recognise my companion here, but surely her reputation precedes her, even to your dank and lowly cave. This is Amber the Valorous. Your puny weapons have barely scratched her and merely added fire to her already formidable and seething temper. Flee! Flee before it is too late!” he glanced between Amber and Gary to check that he was broadly Doing Things Right - if they were teaming up, he thought it made most sense to use his power with words to try to big up Amber as an impressive and terrifying threat because… well, again, Lute Guy. He was Lute Guy. “And… uh, now I roll two dice?” he confirmed. “And if either is more than 16, then I’m decently scary?”

He rolled. The first die landed on thirteen, which was good but obviously not good enough. He felt like it might have also used up his chance at ‘getting a high number.’ Suddenly the second one getting any higher than that seemed improbable. It rolled six.

“So… they don’t buy it?” he guessed.

Gary grinned as Erevan talked up Amber. It was excellent. Amber was assisting him for her action on her turn which was next, so before making any ‘official declarations‘ he wanted to hear Zevalyn’s part in this. “They haven't turned tail and run, but you may have planted a seed of doubt in their mind. They are both eyeing up Amber now.” He looked at Zevalyn, “What exactly is Amber doing to assist Erevan?”

Zevalyn considered her options, and double checked her character sheet. “I lift up my huge greatsword in a threatening two-handed manner, smile in that way some people can smile that’s really a lot more scary than pleasant, like I’m really looking forward to beheading a couple drunk goblins,” - Kir shifted uncomfortably in his seat, trying to pretend that the words ‘beheading’ and ‘goblins’ had not just been used in the same sentence - “which I am, so that’s not at all a bluff check and, as I eye up their ears, I say, ‘Those look like fine goblin ears for my collection,” - there was a muffled squeak from Kir - “Please, attack me again; this will be good fun. For me anyway. You, I expect, will find it painful and unpleasant. Only for a couple seconds though, after that you won’t feel anything ever again.’ I smile again, and widen my stance like I’m getting ready to fight both of them all by myself and seem entirely unbothered by the minor scratch they inflicted with their puny attack earlier.”

Gary nodded as Zevalyn described Amber’s ‘assistance’. “The lead goblin that hit Amber throws an uncertain glance back at his companion,” he attempted to mimic that sort of expression. “The second one doesn't seem to notice and continues forward in a wavering line in the general direction of Ronin.” He didn’t move the figure however. “That goblin can't actually move until his turn. It is Ronin’s turn though,” he looked at Lily, “What would you like to do?”

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