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Lily / Ronin
Hope I'm doing this right.
Thu May 3, 2018 19:23

The entire game was difficult for Lily to grasp, particularly the concept of rolling a dice and doing maths. She liked it best when Gary explained the story. She stayed quiet, listening as Gary, Kir, Parker and Zev had their turns. She didn't enjoy being silent, but she also didn't want to look stupid in front of them all when it seemed like they were catching on rather quickly. Lily looked down at her character card and thought of what to do on her turn.

Currently, Amber was somewhat wounded, Parker had blessed them, Kir had unsuccessfully attempted to persuade the goblins and the second goblin was looking at her. Er, Ronin.

Ronin had a few weapons at his disposal, but nothing nearly as impressive as Amber's sword. He, instead, had a dagger and a shortbow. But since this was a game based on numbers, it didn't seem like it would matter much whichever he chose. Realistically, unless Ronin could throw daggers, getting close enough to stab a giant, drunk goblin wouldn't be likely. Attempting to stab any rabid creature would just be plain stupid.

In reality, Lily understood goblins were great at banking, but her family had always told her to beware because they were tricksters looking to cheat wizards out of their money. She'd never come into contact with a goblin herself, but they weren't being represented very kindly in society or this strange game.

When Gary asked her what Ronin was going to do, Lily looked down at her character card again. "Can I do a sneak attack? I suppose I'm only allowed to attack one goblin, and if so I want to attack the one that hit Amber." She glanced at Zev. "Can't allow him to get away with it, can I?" she said with a grin before turning back to the board. She picked up the die. "The blessing is supposed to help with an attack, right?"

Lily had already forgotten what number she needed to make a successful attack, but she rolled an eleven first. "Eleven plus five makes it sixteen, so that's a hit, correct?" Lily picked up the six-sided die and rolled again: 3. She raised her eyebrows. "Um, so what does that mean?"

  • Ahhh.... I have to fight.... uh, enemies?Kir/Erevan, Mon Apr 30 09:22
    [Co-written between Kir and Gary with occasional butting in from Zev] Kir listened as Gary went back into storytelling mode. He quite liked these bits. He had a feeling it would make it all hang... more
    • Hope I'm doing this right. — Lily / Ronin, Thu May 3 19:23
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