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Heinrich Hexenmeister
I claim this section in the name of Deutschland
Thu May 31, 2018 13:49

Heinrich was trying to find a book. He was in a library, so he was in a good spot for it, but the problem was that this particular library, like most of the people in it, was predominantly dominated by English. While Heinrich was getting better in the reading comprehension areas of that particular language, it was still slow going and prone to mistakes and context-driven guesswork. Context that book titles didn’t always provide.

He scowled at the spines of an entire bookshelf, irrationally angry at each and every one for being tantalizingly close to understandable, but not quite there. How hard would it be, really, just to have some German books?

And then Heinrich gasped and blinked, and he might have heard sounds of confusion coming from the nearby library denizens as every book he could see was abruptly translated into German.

Taking advantage before his good fortune vanished, he quickly scanned over the titles until he found ones that looked promising for his research into his transfiguration essay. He pulled down three and hugged them to his chest and frowned defensively at another nearby student, aware that this latest incident of accidental magic could only have come from him - he hadn’t realized he had contracted the disease, but he imagined he was the only person in the school who would want a library full of German books; or at least a section full of German Transfiguration books, which seemed to be the extent of his influence, judging by the English Charms books on the shelf behind him - but he couldn’t bring himself to feel bad about it.

It felt so good to see so much of his native language again for once. He hadn’t realized until this moment how much he had missed the letter ß. And umlauts.

“Englisch is hard,” he told the student he had frowned at, by way of defence.

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      • I don’t want to be greedy.Heinrich, Thu Jun 7 15:14
        Heinrich knew, of course, that English speakers called his native tongue German. In all truth, “German” means “Deutsch” was a much easier leap for him than “Dutch” means “Holländisch”, but it still... more
        • Whyever not?Nathaniel, Thu Jun 14 11:24
          Nathaniel looked blankly at Heinrich for a moment, both because of the need to organize the grammar in his head and because he didn’t quite follow the details – why would Heinrich offer to teach him... more
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