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I don’t want to be greedy.
Thu Jun 7, 2018 15:14

Heinrich knew, of course, that English speakers called his native tongue German. In all truth, “German” means “Deutsch” was a much easier leap for him than “Dutch” means “Holländisch”, but it still took a couple seconds to work out that Nathaniel Mordue was saying that he had attempted to learn Heinrich’s first language. It took a few more - just long enough for hope to rise up only to be dashed viciously against the sharp rocks of disappointment - to understand that Nathaniel had failed in his attempt.

He said more words, but Heinrich paid them little mind. Something about English and Transfiguration, so he was probably going on about what Heinrich had just done to the library. Not important. An effort had been put forth once. There was hope. His classmates’ interest in speaking his tongue could only be fostered and encouraged.

“Want you I teach?” he offered hopefully. There was probably a supposed to be a ‘do’ in there somewhere. English was very fond of their verb ‘do’ but he could never remember exactly when or how it was supposed to get shoved into sentences that seemed perfectly understandable without it. Also, he wasn’t sure if maybe he ought to include a second ‘you’ as the object for the verb ‘teach’ but he had already said ‘you’ once as the subject of the verb ‘want’, and English often dropped referencing words, trying to be efficient at the cost of clarity.

  • Why stop at one section?Nathaniel Mordue, Sun Jun 3 12:40
    Nathaniel was anxious about Sylvia - he could see no other logical response to knowing that his cousin was ill while she showed no signs of illness and there was no way to tell when she would... more
    • I don’t want to be greedy. — Heinrich, Thu Jun 7 15:14
      • Whyever not?Nathaniel, Thu Jun 14 11:24
        Nathaniel looked blankly at Heinrich for a moment, both because of the need to organize the grammar in his head and because he didn’t quite follow the details – why would Heinrich offer to teach him... more
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