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Winston Pierce
A question for Kira
Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:49

It started with the Fair of Nations. They had worked together on the Israel booth, researching folk lore together. They had decided it was fun, so they had kept it up over the years, continuing to meet together in the library, reading folk tales from all over the world, and occasionally branching into a longer piece of related literature.

It was their own private little book club.

And it would be ending at the end of the year, with Kira’s graduation. Winston had obviously always realized that, being several years older than him, she would leave Sonora before him, but it was only last week that it really stuck him that it would be happening soon.

He just had a couple months left before Kira left.

He also only had a couple months left to find someone to go to the ball with him. Victor already asked Emerald. He supposed there was Ivy, but he didn’t know her that well.

It also occurred to him that Kira maybe had nobody to go with, seeing as her fiancé was not a student here. He wasn’t sure she would want to go with him, seeing as he was only a fourth year to her seventh year, but he knew he’d enjoy spending the evening with her. They’d have plenty to talk about, he was sure, which wasn’t necessarily the case for his options closer to his own age.

He figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask. And it not being a date-date took a lot of the anxiety out of the possibility of being rejected.

So as they were packing up after one of their folk tale discussions in the library, he tried for casual and asked, “Hey, Kira, I know you’re already betrothed, so I’m asking as a friend not a date, but would you like to go to the ball with me?”

He had put on a few inches of height since they met, so he was no longer shorter than her these days. It wasn’t like they’d look awkward together if they did decide to go for a friendly spin around the dance floor.

“If you’ve already got plans, that’s fine. I was just thinking I was going to miss you next year, and I wanted to spend some extra time with you before you graduate. At least save a dance for me?”

Ooc: I am fuzzy timing this probably back to April because Winston wouldn’t leave asking a girl out to the last minute like his author is. Also, Winston is infected at this point, if you want to get sick.

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