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Whyever not?
Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:24

Nathaniel looked blankly at Heinrich for a moment, both because of the need to organize the grammar in his head and because he didn’t quite follow the details – why would Heinrich offer to teach him Transfiguration? Or for Heinrich to teach at all? Then he realized….

In theory, Nathaniel liked languages, liked seeing how other people to communicated and the differences between the specific meanings of words. In practice, however, he remembered grammar errors, faulty conjugations, his father finding these alternatively amusing and annoying – his father had been able to speak and read and write French in particular rather well, as far as Nathaniel had been able to tell when he had still heard or read anything his father put into words, about as well as he had English. Nathaniel had no idea where, exactly, his father had gone, but he knew they spoke French for official purposes, anyway, because the documents Mama had received the morning everything fell apart had been in French.

German was not, however, French – obviously. And he clearly wasn’t the only one who made grammar mistakes with languages – but he wasn’t the only one who spoke the language he presumably did know some grammar in. Nathaniel had also come to Sonora with family, with built-in friends in Sylvia and Simon. Heinrich did not have this advantage. He almost certainly wasn’t so much interested in Nathaniel’s education as in, well, socialization. Or at least an excuse to put German and English side-by-side to improve his grasp of the latter with less embarrassment.

“If you want to try,” he said with a self-deprecating smile. “It can’t hurt to try, can it?”

  • I don’t want to be greedy.Heinrich, Thu Jun 7 15:14
    Heinrich knew, of course, that English speakers called his native tongue German. In all truth, “German” means “Deutsch” was a much easier leap for him than “Dutch” means “Holländisch”, but it still... more
    • Whyever not? — Nathaniel, Thu Jun 14 11:24
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