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Kira Spaulding
An answer for Winston
Tue Jul 10, 2018 01:19

Although most of Kira's friends had graduated, she still often spent time with Winston doing their folklore reading and research. In fact, these sessions were even more important to her now because everyone else was gone and the only person she ever really hung out with besides the fourth year was her cousin. And while family was great, it meant much more to her to get approval from people outside her family.

She was really looking forward to graduating though, even more so than before. Ned had decided that he hadn't wanted to keep her in suspense regarding what he wanted to say to her as he knew she'd probably worry and assume the worst-he was right-and asked her to marry him.

Kira couldn't help but be completely shocked. Kira had never really thought anyone would want to marry her unless it was only for the connections and the bloodline that she had. Not someone wanting to marry her for who she was since she was inadequate in everything but magic. And she didn't really believe those were the reasons that Ned asked her. Because, as if to make up for not being able to propose in person-and possibly, just possibly because he knew her well enough to know how she thought and thought in a similar manner himself-he had directly spelled out the reasons why he wanted to marry her.

It was...nice to hear-or techincally, see-so many good things about herself. Something Kira wasn't all that usual, as she was genuinely only used to complimenting someone on her magical ability. So lately she'd been very very happy. Not only that but because Ned had had to propose via a letter, the Crotalus now had the letter to cherish forever.

Winston's voice broke through her thoughts. Kira blinked. She hadn't really been intending to go to the ball at all, not really seeing a point when Ned didn't go here, Fabian and Natalie had dates, and she'd figured Winston would hang out with his friends around his own age. However she had bought a dress anyway, because her mother knew she'd need one later what with the fact that she was going to have more social occasions this summer, including the Livillian Royal Ball.

She beamed. "I'd love to go with you. And...I'm going to miss you too." Kira thought for a moment. "I'll write to you next year, if you'd like. We can continue talking about folklore stuff." Someone was going to miss her next year, someone was actually going to miss her .

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    • An answer for Winston — Kira Spaulding, Tue Jul 10 01:19
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