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Parker Fitzgerald
Not used to being here this early
Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:57

Parker walked into the library and looked around. This is not the first place he'd assume he'd go at the beginning of the term, but here he was. Inside, instead of outside in the sunshine. He did have two reasons for it though. The first was a mental note he'd made what felt like long ago, and the other was because he wasn't able to read and study things he wanted to when he'd been home.

He'd read his Defense Against the Dark Arts book and the Care of Magical Creatures book for any information about Veelas. Both of which had said very little. He'd also gone to his local library to see if there was anything there. Surprisingly enough to him, there had been a hit. The librarian had been almost as shocked as him in the book it suggested.

She'd requested the book from another library and two weeks later Parker had starting reading a book called: "The Ballads of Marko Kraljevic". Even though the book had been old and looked to be written in poetry, Parker had found it quite entertaining, though not necessarily useful. It had been interesting to him though that there was any mention of Veela's in the non-magic world. Parker wondered how many other things he studied had ended up in books his parents had read.

Either way, besides someone beating a Veela specifically with a gold mace after his brother (or good friend the book had been confusing on this point) had been shot with an arrow, the book had not actually offered anything useful. Parker wanted to read a bit about them from other resources that might know more.

Parker decided that the best way to find something was to ask like he had at home, since that had been a success. So standing at the front desk Parker asked: "Hi, umm I was wondering two things. Do you have any comic books here? And umm, what's the best book you have about Veelas?"

Parker hoped he wasn't raising some red flag or that Cleo might get in trouble for him asking, but being straightforward had already brought him one book, maybe it would bring him another.

    • Not used to seeing youTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Fri Jul 27 21:26
      The library was, more or less, how he had left it. At the end of last term, he had packed up the few personal effects from his office, and taken the McLeod Foundation pamphlets off the library desk... more
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